5 Takeaways from RSA and OURSA

OURSA and RSA made for a very busy week in San Francisco last week, delving into all dimensions of the state of cyber and managing digital and social media risk.  Here are some of our takeaways from visits to RSA and OURSA.
  1. Cyber continues to grow a lot:

With conference attendance up ~20% year-on-year to near 50k total attendees, security continues to benefit from a confluence of cyclical and secular demand drivers...


  1. Increasing investments in the new perimeter, but smart companies haven't forgotten about the old perimeter. 

The hot discussions appeared to be outside the perimeter in cloud, social, IOT, and digital with big players like McAfee and Cisco being very visible. At the same time, we're still trying to get people to use better passwords, to stop reusing passwords, to upgrade software, and to be cautious when downloading software.


  1. Zuckerberg:

The intersection of privacy and security continued to be a topic of sidebar discussion on the heels of Zuckerberg's testimony.


  1. Where was blockchain?

The discussion went both ways - attendees asking about blockchain and vendors/speakers promoting blockchain. Blockchain was pervasive but did not appear to crowd out other topics as much as expected. 


  1. The war for single control center:

Every vendor, large and small, public and private, wants to be the control plane. It’s clear that it will be a best of breed market with high specialization for a long time with 693 vendors participating at RSA. Orchestration and standards are becoming more critical as the market develops.

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