• With SafeGuard Cyber extension, teams can secure Zoom meetings, conferences and IM chats from account compromise, data loss, and compliance violations.
  • Verify all meeting and account settings for security best practices, auto-rollback security violations, and deactivate suspicious logins.
  • Supervise and archive Zoom meetings, chats, and transcripts for a wide range of compliance policy violations, including regulatory, DLP, data privacy, and business conduct.
  • Gain consistent enforcement of security and compliance policies across collaboration apps, including Slack and Microsoft Teams.

No aspect of modern business has been impacted more profoundly over the past year than the way teams collaborate. Digital transformation accelerated by the COVID-19 pandemic has forced organizations to dramatically evolve the way they communicate with each other, and with customers. And no tool is more synonymous with work-from-anywhere collaboration than Zoom Video Communications.

In the new multi-channel, multi-device technology ecosystem, Zoom has emerged as a go-to app for team video conferencing. It is now also heavily leveraged for chat collaboration and customer engagement. In addition to Zoom’s essential and ubiquitous utility, it offers extensive security controls for meetings and accounts, protection of data in-transit and in the cloud, and audio transcription of meetings with metadata.

With Zoom now such an essential part of today’s digital infrastructure, maintaining secure and compliant internal group collaboration remains of the utmost importance for organizations. In fact, many security, compliance, and legal teams seek out additional Zoom governance controls.

This is why SafeGuard Cyber is excited to introduce our new Advanced Governance for Zoom. Through our innovative utilization of both Zoom Security and Archive APIs, teams can adopt unprecedented security and compliance features within a single offering to augment Zoom’s native governance features. Our integration safeguards Zoom meetings, conferences, and IM chats from account compromise, data loss, and compliance violations by empowering organizations to apply consistent security and compliance policies to their Zoom communications.

In leveraging SafeGuard Cyber and Zoom together, businesses can now gain the most comprehensive governance protections available for safeguarding human connections on Zoom - security and compliance defenses that are unmatched by any other solution for meeting and account protection, cyber defense, enhanced compliance, data protection, and app-to-app collaboration.

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Augmenting Zoom’s Native Capabilities

With exclusive access to feature calls in the Zoom Archive API, SafeGuard Cyber empowers organizations to apply consistent security and compliance policies to Zoom as they would other collaboration platforms. Governance controls can now be applied to enterprise account settings and to video meetings & IM chats. Risk teams can now detect and respond to suspicious sign-ons, data loss, malware, and compliance risks. These controls are further supported with automated archiving for all contents and full audit trails for investigation and legal readiness.

Advanced governance features from SafeGuard Cyber that augment Zoom security and compliance include the following capabilities:

  • Meeting & Account Security: Detect meetings that do not meet the Zoom security best practices of requiring passwords, ensuring users cannot join before hosts, and confirming hosts have waiting rooms enabled for selective admittance. Meetings that lack these configurations are much more likely to be joined by unwanted participants.

    SafeGuard Cyber verifies all meeting and account settings for security best practices, and triggers alerts and auto-rollback for non-compliant settings. Suspicious sign-ins can be quickly identified and disabled through our platform.
  • Cyber Defense: Monitor all in-meeting and IM chats for malicious links and social engineering attacks. Risk teams can now detect and respond to suspicious sign-ons, data loss, malware, and compliance risks. Apply advanced sandbox analysis for spear-phishing and malware.
  • Enhanced Compliance, No Recording Required: Automate supervision of all chats and audio transcripts for all recorded meetings. Through our uniquely approved access to new Zoom Archive API features, SafeGuard Cyber also captures in-meeting chat, audio, and video content for all meetings, regardless of whether they have been recorded or not, including private chats, not just the chats visible to meeting hosts. This allows administrators to preserve all Zoom content for subsequent compliance review and evidence should the need arise.
  • Data Protection: Access immutable cloud archiving of meeting contents, chats, and metadata, and maintain a chain of data custody for evidentiary purposes. Apply customizable data retention rules.
  • App-to-App Collaboration: Gain consistent enforcement of security and compliance policies across collaboration apps that integrate with Zoom, including Slack and Microsoft Teams.

The business benefits of SafeGuard Cyber’s Advanced Zoom Governance are immense. Ensuring security and compliance for internal group collaboration, reducing oversight costs through automation, scalability for any region or language, and immutable archiving with customizable retention rules provide a powerful suite of capabilities. Furthermore, SafeGuard Cyber presents teams with rapid time to value, allowing for setup in minutes with administrator authorization, and no agent required.

SafeGuard Cyber Advanced Governance for Zoom

Security, Compliance & Data Protection - All in One

In addition to SafeGuard Cyber’s account and meeting security governance features, the product is also vigilant of suspicious sign-on activity. If any suspicious sign-on activity is detected, security teams are instantly alerted and can simply press a button to immediately disable accounts they fear may have been compromised. Additionally, SafeGuard Cyber provides the option to auto-rollback any risky changes made to users’ accounts that have been compromised.

SafeGuard Cyber can also detect and remediate a wide range of cyber threats, including malicious links, malware, social engineering attacks, BEC/BCC, and account compromises and takeovers. Furthermore, our policy engine offers extensive capabilities to detect and remediate a host of compliance concerns, including regulatory (FINRA, SEC, FDA, etc.), DLP, data privacy (PII, HIPAA, GDPR, etc.), business conduct, threats and harassing language, and other violations. SafeGuard Cyber supports automated archiving and policy supervision for all Zoom conferences and chat contents, with full audit trails for investigation and legal readiness.

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Visibility, Archiving at Scale

A major value-add of SafeGuard Cyber’s extension is the capability to seamlessly offer automated compliance, at scale, across all meetings and IM chats. Given the sheer volume and velocity of modern digital communications, compliance teams have no choice but to leverage AI and machine learning through automation in order to gain oversight of every single digital interaction on every digital platform. This includes all those human connections taking place in Zoom meetings and IM chats.

We enable teams to capture all direct, group, and channel-based conversations and analyze them through our policy engine to detect potential compliance-based violations and other risks. Monitoring and remediation can be applied quickly to inappropriate or toxic conversations, regulatory compliance, data privacy violations, loss of sensitive data, and malware and phishing attacks.

We provide incident response teams with complete details of potential compliance violations. Our platform stores all information about every meeting, including metadata, who the hosts and participants were, agendas, and all chat conversations, and applies all content to policy.

Seamless Security and Compliance for Multi-channel Collaborations

Zoom supports an extensive Partner Marketplace for seamless collaboration and content sharing across applications. With SafeGuard Cyber’s integration, security teams gain consistent enforcement of security and compliance policies across collaboration apps, including Slack and Microsoft Teams. This allows users to maintain security and compliance in various inter-app collaboration scenarios.

SafeGuard Cyber’s application-independent approach to security and compliance means we can apply consistent enforcement of policies across multiple apps, including those instances where Zoom meetings are being initiated with Slack, providing comprehensive cross-app protection. The power of the SafeGuard Cyber engine is that it can apply the same security and compliance policies across dozens of digital channels, including social media and mobile chat, in addition to collaboration tools like Zoom.

If you are interested in learning more about Advanced Zoom Security and Compliance Governance and how you can best protect your Zoom meetings and chats, user accounts, and data, please contact us and request a demo today.