Breaking Through Social Chaos: Three Easy Steps

There are 2.3 billion active social media users worldwide. A new Facebook profile is added every six seconds and there are over 80 million photos uploaded to Instagram every day.  With staggering numbers like these, it is inevitable that companies feel overwhelmed just thinking about their social media presence. In the age of social media, we are constantly operating in a state of social chaos, there is constant communication, networking, marketing, lead generation, sales and many other activities all happening simultaneously. In order to make sense of this social chaos and convert it into a well-organization and easily digestible social media presence, organizations need to take the following steps:

    1. Conduct a Social Audit
      A social audit is the process of discovering all the social media assets associated with an organization, company, or brand name, which often include a corporate Facebook page as well as assets not owned by the company such as impersonation accounts and brand smashing accounts. A social audit is also able to discover employees using social media as well as employee impersonation accounts such as someone pretending to be the CEO of the company. Once an initial social audit has been completed, the company will be able to see their full social media landscape in an easily-digestible way.
    2. Take Action on Discovered Assets
      Once a company has identified their full social media landscape including employees, company owned accounts, and non-company owned accounts it is time to take action on these assets. Actions are different based on the type of asset but can include requesting a takedown of a fraudulent page or requesting compliance and security monitoring of company assets as well as employees conducting business on behalf of the company on social media. Taking the appropriate action on all discovered assets will allow a company decrease the size of their social media landscape into something manageable and under their control.
    3. Maintenance
      At this point in the process, the company will have a clear picture and full control of their social media landscape but it doesn’t always stay that way. Social media changes every second and there will constantly be new employees and pages popping up on social media. Continually running a social media audit will allow a company to easily manage any new accounts that pop up and assist in keeping their social landscape clean. This can be an automated process that takes place daily, weekly, or monthly.

Social chaos can be extremely overwhelming, therefore it’s very tempting for companies to just ignore the problem completely. However, it is important for a company to be aware of all of the social media assets that are using its name or the employees conducting business on behalf of company on social media. Social assets can include a wide range of risks factors such as malware, spam, phishing, and compliance violations for companies operating within a regulated industry such as Financial Services or Healthcare and Life Sciences. Conducting a social audit, taking action on discovered assets, and maintaining a clean social media landscape is necessary in order to ensure all of these risk factors are being handled properly across all of a company’s social media assets.

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