The financial services industry has undergone significant changes in recent years, with technology playing a key role in transforming the landscape. Social media presents financial advisors with an opportunity to differentiate their personal brands and tell their unique story to a wider audience. However, with compliance concerns and limited time, it can be challenging for financial advisors to leverage social media effectively. This blog looks at our how customer, RW Baird, is succeeding at overcoming this business challenge.

Brian Petersdorf, the senior marketing manager for Baird's Private Wealth Management business, believes that the key to success for financial advisors in the digital age is the ability to leverage social media platforms like LinkedIn effectively. He argues that social media allows financial advisors to grow their sphere of influence and create a natural digital referral, which augments their growth opportunities in an incredibly positive way. It also provides a trackable means of deriving ROI for not only the time but also the dollars that advisors spend on these platforms.

To make this possible, Baird implemented a comprehensive digital marketing toolset from FMG Suite for its financial advisors, with everything connected and simple to use. The technology made it possible for Baird's financial advisors to schedule their ongoing presence on social media platforms, allowing them to focus on the unique content that is personal to them and resonates with their clients.



One of the critical components of Baird's digital marketing suite is the social media compliance technology provided by SafeGuard Cyber. Our Natural Language Understanding machine learning ensures focus is where they really need to spend their time, reducing the risk of false positives. The technology also affords Baird's financial advisors the ability to do post-review, which means that they can post things in the moment with trusted compliance oversight. The technology enables Baird's financial advisors to market themselves authentically, telling their story in a way that differentiates them to their audience.

As a marketer making technology decisions, I think a lot of us become jaded with providers over-promising and under-delivering, and that was the opposite of my experience with SafeGuard Cyber. They delivered on exactly what they said they would, and in an extremely quick amount of time. They proved themselves to be the partner that I had hoped for right out of the gate, and we've grown that relationship since then because of that trust that we've built together.

- Brian Petersdorf, Sr Marketing Manager
Baird Private Wealth Management

Compliance concerns and limited time can be challenging for financial advisors to leverage social media effectively. We’re proud to help Baird enable its financial advisors to market themselves authentically, tell their story, and differentiate themselves to their audience, growing their business in the process.

What we've seen since implementing SafeGuard Cyber is a happy compliance department, and I'll tell you, as a marketing leader, a happy compliance department is a really great thing to have.

-Brian Petersdorf, Sr Marketing Manager
Baird Private Wealth Management



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