As businesses increasingly rely on SaaS collaboration tools, organizations are waking up to the need to secure these critical communication channels. Daniel Raskin, co-founder and CMO at Mperativ, understands this need better than most. “For Mperativ, collaboration is really, really important on two fronts…We're a pandemic company, so everything about us is virtual. We have employees in the United States, Canada, and South America, and we want to be able to have very quick interactive communication around development,” Raskin recently said in conversation. “As issues come up, as we're building out products, we want to be able to address them really fast.”

SafeGuard Cyber is helping Mperativ:

  • Secure Slack as a critical business communications channel for collaboration
  • Protect customer data in Slack
  • Provide security assurances for Mperativ’s customers
  • And helping inform the company’s security policies for Insider Risk


Protecting Customer Data

One of the biggest concerns for Mperativ is maintaining customer trust. To facilitate communication with customers, the company sets up Slack channels for each customer, allowing for prompt response to customer queries. Any time a customer has a question, the team is notified on Slack, and communication may move to Zoom or another platform if needed. 

Mperativ deals with sensitive data such as lead and account generation, pipeline coverage for sales, and holistic sales goals across regions. Mperativ needs to ensure this data is kept safe. One mistake could destroy the company's brand equity and trust with customers. To mitigate this risk, Mperativ uses SafeGuard Cyber to protect its business communication channels, particularly Slack and social media. Our platform automates the security process and provides notifications on risks, giving the company greater peace of mind.

When we're using things like Slack and other channels for those communications, the one thing that keeps me up at night is how do I actually protect the brand equity of Mperativ to ensure that our customer's data is safe?

- Daniel Raskin, CO-Founder & CMO

To protect their communication channels, the company utilizes SafeGuard Cyber, which is particularly valuable as a small startup without a dedicated security team. Automating the security process for Slack and social channels allows for prompt notifications in the event of a breach, adding value to the company's SOC 2 Type 1 compliance. Being able to demonstrate processes and policies around breaches to their customers drives greater comfort and helps to increase brand equity.

Security is Good for Business

Security operations can be a major hurdle for Mperativ’s sales process. When customers are interested in the product, they need assurance that their data is secure and there is clear policy on how it is handled. Mperativ provides SOC 2 Type 1 policies and audit reports to demonstrate their security controls, including the use of SafeGuard Cyber to secure communication channels. Without these controls, the sales process could become a lengthy process.

SafeGuard Cyber is super helpful because when it comes to setting up the Slack channels for our customers, they know that it's not just an open form of communication that they're putting sensitive data into, but that the environment is actually protected.

- Daniel Raskin, CMO

Managing Insider Risk with Employee Buy-In

Creating and maintaining a positive organizational culture is a key element of success for Mperativ. As a founder, Raskin believes it's important to establish an energy within the company that inspires and excites employees about the work they're doing. This energy should be one that promotes open communication and transparency, especially in a virtual environment where it's easy for people to feel isolated and disconnected.

However, the Mperativ executive team understands that mistakes can happen and lapses in judgment can lead to insider risks. However, Mperativ wanted to to avoid creating a culture of fear and mistrust, and instead foster an environment where employees feel safe and supported.

This need led to important conversations at the founder and executive level around privacy policies and employee concerns. Mperativ’s leadership spoke to different groups, including engineers and brand managers, to understand their perspective and concerns. The company took a transparent approach and explained the reasons for using SafeGuard Cybel to protect customers and the company's brand equity.

Raskin says when leadership told employees about plans to secure Slack, “they came back and were saying things like, ‘Oh no, I get that. I get why you would have something like that. It doesn't bug me. As long as you tell me, and I know the context of you're trying to look, if someone's sharing information about a customer's revenue, we don't want that to happen.’”

SafeGuard Cyber is proud to help Mperativ grow by securing its customer data, intellectual property, and business communications.



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