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Last week Facebook shared that they had discovered a security vulnerability that may have affected as many as 50 million users. Facebook has been careful to disclose only what they know with certainty at this point in time and has left everyone wondering about the implications of the vulnerability. Who was actually affected, and how was their data accessed?

What happened?

Essentially, the vulnerability was the result of three software bugs being strung together to produce an escalation of privilege: a security threat where someone is able to assume the identity of a user that has more access than the attacker normally would. If fully exploited, the attacker they can do anything you can do on Facebook: sign in to new third party services, to new websites, view and download all of your private message history.  They can look at the list of websites where you’ve used Facebook Log In, visit those sites, and make a copy of your data there too. Do you use your Facebook account to sign in to AirBNB? They have your reservation history. You might even use your Facebook account to access medical records or other real information.

How do I know if I’ve been affected?

Facebook is showing notifications, you’ll need to log in. Keep in mind you may never know if your data was accessed by someone that wasn’t you, or what data.

What can I do?

Data breaches are scary because you don’t know if you’ve been targeted until you find evidence of the data weaponized in another context. It’s unlikely that Facebook knows or will tell you where data is disclosed. If you have a monitored profile with SafeGuard Cyber, you can set alerts to look for specific pieces of information you might be concerned about. Contact us if you have questions. 

What’s the potential for damage?

The implications for individuals and enterprise business range from brand risk to third-party vulnerabilities. Our team compiled a comprehensive risk analysis to empower your organization for defensive planning. Understand the risks associated with the breach and learn how to operationalize your defense approach. 


Download our new report, "A Future Uncertain: Long-Term Risk Analysis & Strategies to Defend Your Business"

Download Report Now

Maritza Johnson

Maritza Johnson


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