Discovering your Digital and Social Media Landscape: Are you Aware of your Company’s Presence?

All companies have a known and unknown social media presence whether they are aware of it or not. The large majority of companies have corporate social media accounts that they own and operate, however in addition they have a variety of other accounts that they may not know about. These unknown accounts can include impersonation accounts, brand smashing accounts, or employees using social media on behalf of the company without the company’s knowledge. Our DAST (Discover, Analyze, Secure, Test) process ensures that you will start to secure your digital footprint. The first step is Discover: There are three steps every company should take in order to identify, discover, and control their digital and social media landscape:

  1. Identify Known Accounts: With the digital and social media universe being so large, many companies do not know which accounts are owned and operated by the company itself and which are not. The first step is to identify all accounts that are owned and operated by the company in addition to any employees on social media that are authorized to conduct business on behalf of the company.
  2. Discover Unknown Accounts: Once all known company and employee accounts are identified, the next step is to discover all of the other social media accounts and digital channels that may exist. This includes both unknown employee accounts in addition to all social media pages using a company or brand name, but are not associated with the company. Depending on the size of the company, this can be a very time consuming and an almost impossible process if done manually which is why it’s recommended that companies use an automated tool to discover their landscape. In our experience for each 1 account you know there are 3 you do not! Automated tools are able to identify suspicious social media assets and digital channel participation and how they are representing a brand, employee, or executive instantaneously, saving hundreds of hours of manpower.
  3. Take Action on Unauthorized Accounts: Now that suspicious accounts have been identified, the final step is to take action on all the unauthorized accounts that were found through the discovery process. This includes requesting to monitor employee accounts, requesting page takedowns from the social networks, and being aware of what is being said on brand smashing accounts. An automated tool will also be able to assist companies with the account takedown and/or monitoring process by streamlining the tasks involved in remediating these suspicious assets.

It is important for every company to identify, discover, and take action their digital and social media landscape to ensure their brand is being properly represented. With the pace of digital, this process needs to take place on a continuous basis because new accounts and new employees are constantly being added to social networks and new digital channels. By continuously conducting this discovery process, companies will be able to control their universe and ensure there are no security or compliance threats taking place on channels that are not being seen by the company.

Learn more about automating the digital landscape discovery process here.

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