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Machine Learning-Powered Threat Decision Engine Surfaces Risks Detected Across Social Media, Enterprise Apps, Deep Web, and Dark Web to Defend Against Emerging Attacks

Charlottesville, Virginia, Mar 01, 2019 - SafeGuard Cyber, the leading end-to-end platform for social media and digital risk protection, responding to the defensive needs of government and corporate customers, today launched a new detection capability that adds real-time cross-channel analysis to proactive scans across the digital landscape, including deep web sites, the dark web, and the social internet. The new capabilities provide security professionals with a holistic view of actionable threat intelligence to digital channels, an area of expanding risks and priority for security teams.

“Today’s cyber threats are growing in complexity, and hackers don't operate in silos. Bad actors can pull account credentials from the dark web, deploy botnets, and launch multi-pronged attacks from many social channels,” noted SafeGuard Cyber CTO and Co-Founder Otavio Freire. “The new Discover capability gives our clients enhanced visibility into critical channels, helps them prioritize risks, and helps them easily and quickly respond to multi-vector threats.”

The new Discover capability is enhanced by Threat Cortex, SafeGuard Cyber’s proprietary decision engine, which is powered by machine learning. Threat Cortex was designed to give CISOs’ SOC teams a simple way to receive actionable threat intelligence. As risk event information is gathered, Threat Cortex prioritizes the most critical risks for the SOC team to focus on. The technology continually assesses security teams’ subsequent responses to learn and adapt to the most relevant and evolving threats, giving companies a digital risk protection solution customized to their unique needs.

“Discover, together with Threat Cortex, reaffirms our commitment to making the CISO’s job easier. Most CISOs we speak to are overwhelmed with data. This new technology empowers our clients to translate alarm bells into action against digital risks efficiently and at scale,” said SafeGuard Cyber CEO and Co-Founder Jim Zuffoletti.

For more information about Discover and Threat Cortex, visit SafeGuard Cyber at the RSA Conference 2019, booth #3111 or at https://www.safeguardcyber.com/ 

About SafeGuard Cyber

SafeGuard Cyber is a Charlottesville, VA-based company that empowers businesses and governments to embrace new technologies and innovate #WithoutFear. SafeGuard Cyber’s cloud-based platform provides a single solution to detect, prevent and defend against the dual threat of cyber exploits and governance and compliance vulnerabilities that occur outside the firewall perimeter. Capabilities include cyber defense; insider and third-party risk protection; brand, reputation and VIP safeguards; real-time compliance; archival retention and litigation readiness; and, pervasive channel coverage, integrating with more than 50 social media and digital channels, including the dark web. Customers and partners include Johnson & Johnson, McAfee and other leading brands across 18 industries, 25 countries and over 50 languages.

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