Bots Are Spooky: Cyber Expert Laura Galante on Why a Holistic Defense is Necessary to Secure Enterprises

The bots are back. Well, they never really left. In light of the upcoming midterm elections and our examination of disinformation tactics at play during last week's letter bomb scare, we invited cybersecurity expert and board of advisors member, Laura Galante, back to talk about our bot research. And, what better time to revisit these spooky bad actors than on Halloween?

In our interview, Laura notes:

  • Russian bot operations aren't, "about a specific ideology...this is about inflaming tensions." 
  • Influence and disinformation campaigns constitute, "basic psychology being used against us"
  • Bots are more successful at amplifying natively created content than creating content from scratch. (Indeed, last week we saw bots amplifying both partisan content on both sides, as they've done in the past.)
  • That companies need to gain visibility across their entire digital presence, not just social media, but even the channels they use to help their employees communicate or use in the field, like Salesforce and Slack.

It's always a pleasure talking with Laura, check out our whole conversation below:




About the author
Maritza Johnson

Maritza Johnson

Ms. Johnson is a veteran security researcher, having come from Facebook and Google. As part of the SafeGuard Cyber research team, she helps people better understand the privacy and security decisions they encounter in their daily lives.

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