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Organizations have embraced collaboration tools, like Microsoft Teams and Slack, for their efficiency with file sharing and teamwork. As more users adopt these channels, organizations become more vulnerable to security and compliance risks. Teams often think about these risks in terms of file sharing (data loss, exposing PII, etc.), but overlook chats. Direct messaging on these channels make individual and group communication quick and easy, but the same regulatory and security policies need to apply to the message content. 

Your employees use the chat function on Teams and Slack for quick collaboration. For example, an employee might send a team member a link to the proposal they are working on in Slack. Then follow up with a link to a GIF about how tired and hungry they are. 

As a company, your focus might be on policies that ensure the proposal is in line with compliance regulations and is not shared externally. But what is overlooked is the threats posed by the shared GIF. What if that GIF was actually embedded with malware? 

Whether or not your employee shared that malicious link on purpose, your organization is compromised.


Spear Phishing

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Malware isn’t the only concern when it comes to messages. Chats on Teams and Slack also risk compliance violations, legal exposure, and data loss. These risks do not outweigh the benefits of using the chat functionality. Instead, organizations need to gain visibility across the entire collaboration network - messages, files, snippets, and more - to ensure they are protected.


That is a lot of data to capture and protect, especially when you include chat messages. The quantity of chats alone can result in thousands of messages per day. It’s also common for organizations to adopt multiple collaboration tools to address the needs of individual teams. Automation solutions are necessary to help organizations scale with the volume of digital data creation. 


For example, we’ve helped an insurance firm protect communications across SharePoint, Yammer, and Slack for 20K+ users. With automation and machine learning, we consolidated all communications into one platform. Security and compliance policies were extended to all messages to ensure that all content was consistent with internal policies (FINRA, PII, and data loss), while capturing full audit trails. 


You can protect chats on tools like Teams and Slack with proactive digital security.
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February 26, 2021
Cory Hartlen
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Cory Hartlen

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