SafeGuard Cyber President, CTO, and Co-Founder, Otavio Freire, and former White House CIO and cybersecurity expert, Theresa Payton, recently joined the Cybercrime Magazine Podcast and host Hillarie McClure to discuss Zoom security, collaboration tool vulnerabilities, and related industry topics.

In assessing the broad adoption of Zoom during the pandemic and correlating it to increased risks, Otavio said, Just like for other critical apps, such as email, you need to establish your own security stance as an enterprise. If you consider email, it’s common that enterprises sometimes have three vendors protecting their email systems. 

“As we have changed our collaboration to use apps such as Zoom and Teams or Slack, or social media, enterprises need to catch up and make their stance just as strong for those apps just as they have for email.”

Theresa pointed out that despite Zoom’s excellent native security capabilities and history of responsiveness to past vulnerabilities, bad actors will continue to follow where the users go to communicate and collaborate digitally. 

“One thing is for certain is that cybercriminals always go where the action is,” she said. “They read the headlines and watch the news just like we do, and when they see Zoom shooting up in popularity, they are always going to look for those potential weak points to take advantage.”

Also, during the discussion, Otavio elaborated on how the new remote work era brought upon by the COVID-19 global pandemic has introduced the expanded use of collaboration tools that need to be protected. “Work-from-anywhere is the new norm, and it fundamentally changes how companies need to think about cybersecurity,” he said. “The pandemic impacted Zoom positively, and it really emerged as that critical channel, and attackers are very aware. They see it as a new attack vector. Security and compliance, and even governance of that channel, is absolutely needed.

“We have to realize that Zoom is almost like many apps in one. It is a chat, there is a video stream, there is an audio stream, there is a file-sharing app that is part of it, and all of these generate really critical data, but all of those aspects of Zoom can be exploited and ultimately generate company risk.”

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Theresa expanded upon how the new digital communication tools that businesses have come to rely on are attracting the attention of cybercriminals. “There will always be this nexus point between the features and functions, and then cyber criminals trying to take advantage of the platform, to get in between the user and the communications that they’re using the platform form,” she said. “This is going to be an ongoing battle not just for Zoom, but any collaboration tool that is out there.”

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