Social SafeGuard Compliance Partner for the SFDC Financial Services Cloud

Social SafeGuard is thrilled to be announced as a Security, Archiving, and Compliance partner for Salesforce Financial Services Cloud.

According to Salesforce: “Today's clients have their wealth scattered across multiple banks, wealth management firms, 401k custodians, causing a proliferation of disjointed financial data. Unfortunately, financial advisors struggle to stitch together this financial data, and other critical client information, across outdated, siloed systems. In fact, just 7% of wealth managers use technology to segment their clients by age, and none do so by gender. To succeed, advisors need the ability to segment and harness insights across their book of business, to quickly uncover which clients need the most help to reach their financial goals -- ultimately building stronger, more personalized relationships.”

Through the Financial Services Cloud advisors can easily recognize opportunities within their client’s data to enhance personal relationships and create success.  Social SafeGuard ensures that advisor Community or Chatter posts, free text, and call notes will now be monitored for security and fulfill all archiving and compliance and regulatory requirements.

To learn more about the Financial Services Cloud and Social SafeGuard please find the link to the Press Release below.

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Jim Ting

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