Why Has "Fort Knox" Fallen?

Enterprise cybersecurity has traditionally meant network security. Firewall architecture is designed to withstand direct attacks upon an organization, protecting everything inside the perimeter. That is why you often hear cybersecurity described as a “fort”, or a “stronghold”, with impenetrable walls, keeping everything inside secure:


Digital innovation has changed the game.  Mobile, apps, and cloud present growth opportunities for businesses, but they also alter the risk landscape. Many of these technologies sit outside the firewall, making it more permeable:


What do these changes mean for enterprise cybersecurity today?

Dave DeWalt, Founder of NightDragon Security and former CEO of FireEye & McAfee, discusses the changing digital landscape with our President & CTO Otavio Freire. They examine what new technologies mean for managing and securing new digital risks for enterprise businesses. Dave DeWalt is a cybersecurity expert and brings his C-suite perspective to this global challenge.

Watch the webinar to hear the full discussion and learn what your organization can do to drive business forward Without Fear.

About the author
Maritza Johnson

Maritza Johnson

Ms. Johnson is a veteran security researcher, having come from Facebook and Google. As part of the SafeGuard Cyber research team, she helps people better understand the privacy and security decisions they encounter in their daily lives.

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