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Brand equity and reputation take painstaking years to establish but can be destabilized quickly through well-executed cyber-attacks. While data breaches of IT data centers get much of the public’s attention, digital channels are often proving to be the path of least resistance for cyber-criminals as they continually search for new and more sophisticated ways to breach the enterprise.

Cyber threat actors will often target the organization’s brand and reputation for cyber exploits with a variety of motivations including brand impersonation, fraudulent commerce, business disruption, social engineering campaigns or revenge campaigns. Threat actors may utilize malicious content postings, account impersonations, phishing attacks, data breaches, bot attacks to impersonate the brand and other exploits; all with damaging consequence for brand value and reputation.

Digital channels are vulnerable to a broad set of cyber threat targeted directly to brand and reputation, including:

  • Brand Impersonations – Cyber criminals will attempt to impersonate the brand in attempt to lure customers to fraudulent sites, to disrupt business, or gain access to customers credentials and other confidential information.
  • Account Take Over – Cyber criminals will attempt to take over corporate account pages on social media (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn) to implement social engineering campaigns, spread propaganda, or digital sabotage.
  • Malicious Content – Cyber criminals, hackavists, malicious employees or even angry customers may post malicious content such as abusive postings and images, malware and/or malicious links & attachments that may offend site visitors, spread malware or compromise user accounts.


Brand & Reputation Safeguards

SafeGuard Cyber employs a variety of cyber defensive cyber techniques to ward off branding attacks and reputational damage. Utilizing advanced analytics and machine learning, the surveillance algorithm looks for anomalous behavior in terms of brand impersonations, account impersonations, bot swarms (e.g. Follower requests), malicious content postings, fake sites, phishing & spear phishing attacks – even anomalous employee activity; respond automatically in real-time to take down suspicious accounts, block communications, quarantine malicious or sensitive content, raise send security alerts, and capture all the details with a full audit trail for forensic investigation.

Advanced cyber defense capabilities to surveil the dark web, including paste bins, commerce sites & discussion forums, identifying digital assets that place enterprise organizations at risk for cyber-attacks and other fraudulent activities– assets such as account credentials, PII, or intellectual property and other confidential documents. Once identified, alerts can be forwarded to appropriate security organizations and action can be taken to remediate threats and ultimately take down or neutralize compromised enterprise assets.

Pervasive Channel Coverage

SafeGuard Cyber supports comprehensive coverage for over 50 of the most popular digital channels, organized across 4 distinct digital networking categories including social media, mobile communications, collaboration networks and enterprise cloud applications - plus hidden sites on the deep and dark web.

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