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The Challenge: Scaling Compliant Communications

A Fortune 500 global pharmaceutical company with over $21 billion in annual revenue wanted to communicate with customers via social media. Through conducting these communications, the company looked to boost customer experience and drive revenue.
However, the company operates under strict FDA regulations. They have in place a comprehensive pharmacovigilance program, which includes thorough AE (adverse event) recording. The challenge that the company faced was to integrate two competing needs: the need to engage with customers authentically across multiple brands on social media, and the need to ensure that all of these communications were fully compliant.

Automated scanning of 2,200 monthly posts across 29 different accounts enables company to achieve compliant social media communicationswith customers – automating compliance and pharmacovigilance, and boosting revenue.

Digital Risk Protection Automates Compliance for Pharmacovigilance to Improve Customer Experience

Using the SafeGuard platform, the company has secured 29 social accounts across dozens of brands. In place of staff spending hours on manual review, the SafeGuard platform:
  • Automatically executes pharmacovigilance monitoring, including AE recording.
  • Empowers the company to engage 2-way communication on social media while guaranteeing compliance.
  • Automates the record-keeping of all actions taken.

Compliance and Cyber-Security is much more than a matter of IT. With the explosion of the numerous communication channels SafeGuard Cyber offers the only strategy.

Andrew Simmons / Vice President
Senior Manager, Abott Laboratories


Slow and Expensive: The Manual Approach

The company possesses 29 different social accounts, tied to dozens of different brands. They were fulfilling their compliance demands manually, by reviewing potential incidents one by one, and recording AEs in spreadsheets to then report to the FDA. This manual approach was time-consuming, expensive, and slow. It was impossible to scale, and it was damaging their social media goals. The company needed a better way.

Social Media Compliance at Scale

By implementing advanced digital risk protection with the SafeGuard Cyber platform, the company can now freely engage with customers, while ensuring pharmacovigilance compliance on social media.
Each month, the SafeGuard platform secures an average of 2,200 posts, across all 29 company accounts. On average, 60 events are triggered so that the company’s compliance team can quickly record and report them.
This social media protection is fully automated, and instituted 24/7. Hundreds of staff hours have been regained, and with the shackles removed from social media communications, revenue has been boosted.
Secure Human Connections

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