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Digital Risk Protection Automates WeChat Compliance for Asset Management Firm, Improving Customer Experience

Using the SafeGuard platform, the asset management firm has secured the WeChat communications of their many asset managers. In place of staff spending many hours on manual review, the SafeGuard platform:
  • Automatically monitors all WeChat messages, 24/7
  • Flags all potential indicators of malicious content, ransomware, data leakage, and all other forms of digital risk
  • Empowers asset managers to freely communicate on WeChat while automating regulatory compliance supervision
  • Automates the record-keeping of all actions taken
  • Offers full coverage of communications conducted fully or partially in Mandarin or Cantonese

The Challenge:

Securing WeChat

A global asset management firm controlling $50B in assets was seeking to drive revenue in the crucial market sector of China. Penetrating this market required empowering their asset managers to utilize WeChat – the communication channel of choice for the vast majority of Chinese citizens.
China possesses strict censorship laws and other regulations, some of which can be difficult to parse. Without an added layer of protection, it was impossible for the firm to ensure that their managers’ communications were remaining compliant. It was doubly hard to do this when moving between English, Mandarin, and Cantonese.
To drive business, the firm needed to empower their asset managers to engage freely on WeChat. To stay fully compliant, they needed to proactively secure all communications against compliance risks, and implement meticulous archiving and record-keeping. Moreover, they needed this security and compliance stance to function at scale.

Compliance and Cyber-Security is much more than a matter of IT. With the explosion of the numerous communication channels SafeGuard Cyber offers the only strategy.

Andrew Simmons / Vice President
Senior Manager, Abott Laboratories


The Solution:

WeChat Compliance at Scale

By implementing advanced digital risk protection with the SafeGuard Cyber platform, the firm’s asset managers can now freely engage with the Chinese market, while ensuring communications are compliant and 100% archived. The customer experience has been optimized, and asset managers can securely and confidently meet Chinese users where they are, on their terms.
Each month, the SafeGuard platform secures an average of 880 WeChat messages, across all of the asset managers’ accounts. This WeChat protection is fully automated, and instituted 24/7. Into the future, it can scale to any amount of WeChat messages.
The SafeGuard platform can move fluidly between comprehending and processing Mandarin, Cantonese and English. Full record-keeping provides peace of mind with a view to possible future audits. Moreover, all WeChat content flows seamless into the firm’s existing Global Relay archive, creating further efficiency gains.
Secure Human Connections

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