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The Challenge

Our customer, a private K-12 school with 1200 students, is now able to maintain a safe learning environment by mitigating security and compliance risks at scale, and abide by record-keeping laws. They have also reduced the cost of oversight, and protected their significant Microsoft Teams investment.

Faced with the sudden disruption of the COVID-19 school closures, a K-12 private school was forced to rapidly transition to a virtual school environment. With staff and students isolated at home, Microsoft Teams became essential for keeping the virtual campus up and running. The school needed to onboard students into a safe and secure virtual school environment, while adhering to strict record-keeping laws.

The volume and velocity of messaging meant the school had no way to effectively monitor for cyberbullying, security threats, or ensure compliance. In the first ten days, students and staff produced nearly 125,000 chat messages. The school had no way to prevent malicious content from migrating out of the Teams instance and into school networks. The school was unable to maintain the meticulous records required for legal recourse and conflict mediation.


To solve these challenges, the school implemented cloud-scale defense with SafeGuard Cyber. Across its Microsoft Teams instance, the school gained the power to detect obscene language and hate speech. The SafeGuard Cyber platform began automatically flagging signs of digital harassment and cyberbullying, as well as potential compliance violations.

Customizable policies meant the monitoring system could be adapted for regional slang, and the platformʼs language-agnostic machine-learning analytics empowered the school to protect students communicating in other languages. Full conversation threads were now retained, providing evidence in case of future audits.



First 10 days on Microsoft Teams:

Compliance and Cyber-Security is much more than a matter of IT. With the explosion of the numerous communication channels SafeGuard Cyber offers the only strategy.

Andrew Simmons / Vice President
Senior Manager, Abott Laboratories

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