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Automated scanning of 4,700 monthly posts across Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram enables firm to assure secure and compliant social media selling to improve CX and drive revenue.


Secure & Compliant Social Selling Across Platforms

Leveraging the best-in-class partnership between SafeGuard and Grapevine6, an asset management firm with $50B in assets under management was able to:
  • Improve the customer experience by empowering their staff to engage freely with customers on social media
  • Automate and scale compliance protocols, wherever digital communications are taking place
  • Drive revenue by reducing customer friction when engaging with the firm
  • Automate the record-keeping of all risk events

The Challenge: Scaling Social Selling

An investment firm managing $50-billion in assets wanted to empower its 265 asset managers to use social media to modernize engagement with customers. These asset managers needed the ability to interact with customers and prospects on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram. By engaging and interacting on these platforms, the staff could undertake social selling to improve customer experience and boost revenue.
However, the firm was unable to ensure that their asset managers were using these channels in a way that was secure and compliant. They lacked a centralized software tool that could proactively and comprehensively monitor their staff’s digital output for the full range of digital risks.

Compliance and Cyber-Security is much more than a matter of IT. With the explosion of the numerous communication channels SafeGuard Cyber offers the only strategy.

Andrew Simmons / Vice President
Senior Manager, Abott Laboratories


Security & Compliance Fears Hampering Growth

Because asset managers were unable to engage with customers on their channel(s) of choice, growth was suffering. The inability to sell on social media was hampering the firm’s attempts to compete with their peers. They were attempting to force prospects down an unnatural customer journey, damaging the overall CX. Held back by compliance worries, the firm was ceding market share.

Secure and Compliant Social Selling, at Scale

The firm overcame their challenge by combining the powers of SafeGuard Cyber and Seismic Live Social.
The leader in the Forrester Wave for Sales Social Engagement, Seismic Live Social offers best-in-class AI for discovering content that can be used to start a conversation with a prospective client. The capabilities of Siesmic Live Social, combined with the award-winning compliance engine in the SafeGuard platform, enabled the firm to achieve secure and compliant social selling at scale.
Now, the firm’s 265 asset managers can now communicate where their customers actually congregate, and optimize the CX. The staff can engage freely with customers, while the SafeGuard Cyber tool scans and automates the compliance supervision of over 4,700 posts and messages per month.
Secure Human Connections

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