As employees and consumers have adopted the functionality and ease of cloud-based solutions and services, enterprise organizations have followed suit. There are numerous advantages to cloud-based enterprise apps, including lower upfront costs and easier maintenance, improved information sharing, and reliable scale with mobile-friendly features.

The enterprise IT infrastructure footprint has expanded. With the widespread adoption of cloud-based technologies such as CRM SaaS tools, enterprise organizations need greater security at the app level. They need visibility into message content, so they can reduce exposure to cybersecurity threats and compliance risks.

Insider Threats_iconInsider Threats

Across industries, every single year, billions of private records are breached. Almost 90% are compromised via insiders, malicious and accidental. The digital channels of employees, outsourced service providers, and consultants have proven to be the easiest point of ingress or egress for malicious or accidental activity.

Malicious ContentMalicious Links & Attachments

Any content posted to a cloud channel has the potential to do harm to the organization. This could range from hate speech to phishing links and other malicious websites.


Asset 22Data Security & Privacy Concerns

Privileged information or personally identifiable information (PII) can be shared publicly, putting an enterprise in violation of data security or privacy policies.
Leveraging new chat technologies is critical to seizing new opportunities, especially in high-growth overseas markets. With the right digital risk protection, businesses can enable their teams to use mobile chat securely, while maintaining compliance with the right tools in place.

Asset 24Be Legal-Ready

Full audit trails capture every interaction to preserve the digital “chain of evidence” for eDiscovery.

Legal Hold_v2

Cloud-Native Defense Whitepaper Icons_Assessment IconEnsure Compliance

User behavior and content on social networks is governed by many of the same regulatory policies as traditional email – and at risk for compliance violations. Capture all interactions on social to maintain full audit trails and ensure you meet regulatory requirements.
Digital risk refers to new forms of old threat faced by enterprise organizations that are increasingly dependent on cloud channels for productivity, customer engagement, and growth.

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