Enterprise business models now rely more on digital growth strategies. Successful engagement on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, and other social media channels is essential to customer acquisition and attribution.

With this increased dependence, organizations must meet the challenge of mitigating new digital risks. Failure to implement adequate digital risk protection can result in headline-grabbing brand damage and compliance violations – with catastrophic financial fallout including revenue decline, loss of market cap, and potentially huge litigation expense.


Account Authorization

Users need account authorization and training on corporate guidelines for posting content and appropriate behavior when representing the organization on public social media networks.

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Bad actors may establish seemingly authentic accounts while in fact, impersonating executives or employees for potentially malicious purposes.

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Malicious Message Content

Any content posted to the channel that has the potential to do harm to the organization (e.g. racist commentary, links to harmful/malicious websites).

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Images, Links, & Attachments

Images can often feature inappropriate content or inject malicious code if clicked. Sharing links and attachments is easy on platforms like Facebook, but employees or customers can easily share malicious links (e.g. malware) or attachments that can compromise accounts.

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Account Takeover (ATO)

Even when your account settings are at the highest level of security (e.g. 2FA), they are still vulnerable to exploitations and ATO attacks.

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Bot Attacks

A botnet attempts to impersonate accounts on a massive scale to sway sentiment.

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Fake Sites & Phishing Attacks

Many bogus sites are destinations for phishing attacks. Such sites have the precise look and feel of the company's real website, thereby tricking visitors into revealing login credentials and other private information.

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Data Security & Privacy Concerns

Privileged information or personally identifiable information (PII) is shared, perhaps inadvertently, but in violation of data security or privacy policies.

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User behavior and content on collaboration networks are governed by many of the same regulatory policies as traditional email – and at risk for compliance violations.

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The world is digital. SafeGuard Cyber empowers your enterprise to engage with customers and new markets securely, compliantly, and at scale.

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