Enterprise business models now rely on digital growth strategies. Successful use of Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, and other social media channels is essential to customer acquisition and attribution.

With this increased dependence, organizations must meet the challenge of mitigating new digital risks by knowing what those risks are.

Asset 12-1Account Impersonations

Bad actors pose as executives or companies for fraudulent purposes. When they attack the public, the real brand can suffer knock-on bad PR.

Brand Damage iconBrand Damage

Multiple branded social media accounts attract a huge volume of highly visible public input. Content that is damaging or problematic can appear instantly and harm brand optics.

Malicious ContentMalicious Message Content

Research shows that organizations face social media attacks with approximately the same frequency as they face email spear phishing and email BEC attacks.

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Asset 13-1Fake Sites & Phishing Attacks

Many bogus sites are destinations for phishing attacks. Such sites have the precise look and feel of the company's real website, thereby tricking visitors into revealing login credentials and other private information.

Asset 13-1Bot Attacks

A botnet attempts to impersonate accounts on a massive scale to sway sentiment.

Asset 22Data Security & Privacy Concerns

Privileged information or personally identifiable information (PII) is shared, perhaps inadvertently, but in violation of data security or privacy policies.
Failure to implement adequate digital risk protection can result in headline-grabbing brand damage and compliance violations – with catastrophic financial fallout including revenue decline, loss of market cap, and potentially huge litigation expenses. But organizations can meet these risks head on when the right tools are in place.

account compromise iconRemediate Account Takeover (ATO) In Real-Time

Even when your account settings are at the highest level of security (e.g. 2FA), they are still vulnerable to exploitations and ATO attacks. Stop an attack before you lose control of your account.

internal collab platformsCentralize Account Authorization

Users need account authorization and training on corporate guidelines for posting content and appropriate behavior when representing the organization on social media. Bring all of your accounts into one location to manage access and mitigate risk.

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shield iconQuarantine Suspicious Images, Links, & Attachments

Images can often feature inappropriate content or inject malicious code if clicked. Sharing links and attachments is easy on platforms like Facebook, but employees or customers can easily share malicious links (e.g. malware) or attachments that can compromise accounts. Automatically quarantine suspicious content for further review.

Enhance Visibility iconGain Visibility Into Coordinated Attacks

Botnets and other bad actors may coordinate an attack with fake accounts on a massive scale. Get alerted to a potential coordinated attack to your organization via employee accounts before they strike.

Cloud-Native Defense Whitepaper Icons_Assessment IconEnsure Compliance

User behavior and content on social networks are governed by many of the same regulatory policies as traditional email – and at risk for compliance violations. Capture all interactions on social to maintain full audit trails and ensure you meet regulatory requirements.


Enterprises can extend enterprises protections to the individual level with the SafeGuardMe mobile app.
Protect social media accounts and pages from one location: 
  • Detect profile changes
  • Monitor DMs for malicious content
  • Prevent coordinated attacks