Detect Internal and External Digital Risks

As enterprises become increasingly dependent on social and digital channels for everyday productivity and customer engagement, security, risk and compliance professionals need the capability to confront all forms of digital risk including cyber threats, data security, privacy concerns, and regulatory compliance requirements.

  • Cyber Threats - Bad actors target digital assets for attack – malicious content, account impersonations & takeovers, malware, phishing, BOT attacks

  • Insider Threats and Third Party Risk - As many as 60% of cyber incidents originate with insiders, including employees, contractors, consultants. Even trusted 3rd parties may provide ingress/ egress points for exposure to cyberattacks & compliance risk

  • Brand & Reputation Risk - Often the target of social engineering campaigns or digital sabotage; even innocent posting can result in brand damage

  • VIP Exposure - Often high-profile executives are targets of impersonations, phishing, BOT attacks, doxing campaigns

  • Data Loss - Sensitive data accidently/deliberately leaked results in intellectual property loss

  • Data Privacy Risk - Privacy violation (PII, GDPR) can lead to heavy fines, penalties & litigation exposure

  • Regulatory Compliance Risk – “Digital” violations” (SEC, FINRA, SOX, etc.) expose the enterprise to heavy fines/penalties & litigation exposure

  • Legal Exposure & Litigation Risk - Inability to preserve the Digital “chain of evidence” for eDiscovery leaves the enterprise vulnerable to legal attack

The stakes are high. Failure to implement effective digital risk management strategies poses massive consequences for brand reputation, revenue and profitability; regulatory fines & penalties; shareholder lawsuits and other litigation exposure.


The SafeGuard Cyber Solution for Surveillance

SafeGuard Cyber delivers the leading SaaS platform to manage the full life cycle of Digital Risk Protection, so enterprises can detect, analyze, defend, and prevent cybersecurity attacks in real time – while automating governance and compliance. The SafeGuard Cyber platform empowers security, risk, and compliance professionals to protect their social and digital channels while enabling the adoption of these technologies across the enterprise Without Fear.

SafeGuard Cyber Surveillance provides a fully automated and comprehensive  approach to detect, analyze, alert and provide dashboards to subscribers for all cyber threats across the digital risk landscape in real-time, including both internal and external cyber threat vectors.

Risk Model Circle-1
Comprehensive Risk Model
The platform maintains an extensive and growing catalog of known and emerging threat signatures across upwards of ten distinct risk event categories including cyber threats, insider threats, brand and reputation exposures, VIP exposures, third party risk, sensitive data leakage, data privacy, corporate & regulatory compliance, and legal exposure.   The risk model is continually updated for vulnerabilities and risk event signatures across more that 50 digital channels, and becoming more efficient in threat patterns with application of AI algorithms and machine learning.

SupervisionAnalytics circle
Event Capture and Real-time Analytics
The platform captures all content and the complete history of user activity to a compliance archive for preservation and real-time processing of risk events. Utilizing AI, machine learning, and advanced risk scoring algorithms, the Surveillance service detects, analyzes and classify risk event for appropriate response; prioritizing the most serious incidents for immediate attention, while minimizing false positives.

Actionalable Insights Circle
Actionable Insights

The platform organizes and reports risk events in a dashboard format by classification and incident severity, from suspicious activity to critical events. While the system will take automated action to quarentine or otherwise mitigate the most serious threats, administrators have the ability to drill down on risk events, evaluate and make the determination dismiss, watch or escalate incidents for pernament remediation.

SafeGuard Cyber Cloud Platform

The SafeGuard Cyber cloud platform enables enterprises to address risks with unmatched prevention, unrivaled visibility, and comprehensive action while enabling users to work natively in their social and digital channels of choice.



Flexible Deployment

Designed with flexible options to deploy on-site, in a hybrid cloud, or on-demand. The platform provides protection for any on-ramp with no local deployments needed. Every tablet, desktop, mobile and network access point is protected.

Thin Hub

Pervasive Channel Coverage

Connections available for over 50 of the most popular digital channels, organized across 5 distinct  categories including Social Media, Mobile Communications, Collaboration Networks and Enterprise Cloud Applications - plus  hidden sites on the deep and dark web..


Enterprise Integration

SafeGuard Cyber supports integration with leading SIEM and service management vendors. Provides a rich set of REST APIs for integration with other third-party enterprise IT operations platforms.

SafeGuard Cyber Channel Coverage Map

Channel Coverage Map [white]

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