What is Cybersecurity COMMUNITY Month?

As you, no doubt, know October is National Cybersecurity Awareness Month. It's a time of intense cybersecurity marketing. We believe defenders are plenty aware of the risks. At SafeGuard Cyber we're on a mission to secure human connections, so we decided to do something different. 
This month, we want to give back the community.
  • Cyber story time to inspire the next generation of defenders!

  • A former FBI Cyber Division agent will join us to help family and friends stay cyber safe.

  • A national security recruiter will provide job search best practices to help cyber newcomers.

  • And we're releasing weekly episodes of our award-winning First Watch podcast, with new industry insights and views.

We hope you can join us in celebrating this community. The future of cybersecurity is bright! 

Community Month Virtual Events

Vision & Voice: Monthly Coffee Chat 
May 16, 2023
Save My Spot
Cyber Story Time with Amber DeVilbiss
October 13, 2022
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Keeping Family Cyber Safe
October 26, 2022
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Weekly First Watch Episodes

In October we're increasing the release schedule for our award-winning podcast!
Weekly episodes bring a different perspective across the industry, from veteran leaders to newcomers.

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FirstWatch-DeVilbiss-Header_600x600 FirstWatch-Laura-Lopez_600x600-1

Oct. 10

Amber DeVilbiss, Sr. Security Advisor and children's author, talks about communicating cybersecurity best practices to a general audience, reads from her book, and addresses the TikTok-sized elephant in the room.

Oct. 13

Are you interested in a career change into cybersecurity? As part of our Spotlight series on cyber newcomers, Laura Lopez discusses her journey from reality TV editor to information security analyst for Tevora.

FirstWatch-Chris-Russell_600x600 FirstWatch-Rebekah-Skeete_600x600

Oct. 17

Chris Russell talks to us about his transition from HUMINT analyst in the Army to cybersecurity leadership. We discuss what skills are needed to transition from hands-on-keys roles to executive infosecurity leader.

Oct. 24

Rebekah Skeete, security engineer, joins to talk about her unconventional journey in to cyber. Why being "seen" as an engineer is so important, and her other role, as COO of Black Girls Hack.