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Modern enterprises may face more than 10,000 legal and regulatory requirements that require a comprehensive and responsive information governance and records management program. Within the enterprise domain, organizations often implement information governance polices and extensive compliance controls to protect the organization from business, legal and regulatory compliance risk.

And while many enterprises have implemented compliance archiving and supervisory controls around their employees email communications, there is a growing realization in the IT and governance communities that a significant portion of employee communications internally, with partners, and with customers, have shifted to digital channels - which notably all operate independently outside the perimeter of the enterprise firewall. For example, employees may now routinely converse and share artifacts on collaboration networks like Slack, Yammer and IBM Connections; account teams may work sales opportunities, and with partners, on a variety of enterprise cloud apps such as SalesForce, Microsoft SharePoint, or Veeva; marketing, sales and HR may engage customers, prospects, and employees on social media networks likeFacebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn; much of international relies on mobile chat apps such as WhatsApp, WeChat, Skype, Jabber or Telegram for all of their business communications. 

Yet with the embrace of  social media and other digital channels that operate beyond the perimeter of enterprise firewall, legal and compliance officers often lack adequate visibility into employee communications, social postings and other digital activities to understand and manage the internal and external risk exposures posed by these activities.  From a governance and compliance perspective, some of the key digital risk exposures include:

  • Account Onboarding & Offboarding  As employees and partners come and go,  account access and authorizations need to be tightly managed for information security; often these digital account controls are not integrated with corporate directories which makes it more difficult to manage.
  • Business and regulatory compliance – Certain industries are governed by internal business policies and/or regulatory requirements to supervise all electronic communications (which includes social media posting), as well as preserving user activity and all content for archival retention, audits and potential litigation and e-discovery.
  • Data Security & Privacy Concerns – Privileged information or personally identifiable information (PII) is shared, perhaps innocently, but in violation of data security or privacy policies.
  • Brand & Reputation Exposure – Often the target of social engineering campaigns or deliberate sabotage, insider postings potential to do harm to the organization brand;  even seemingly innocent customer postings can result in brand damage.
  • Malicious Message Content – Any content posted to the channel that has potential to do harm to the organization (e.g. racist commentary, links to harmful/malicious websites; insiders are responsible for generating upwards of 50% of malicious content.

Modern enterprises must systematically monitor employee, customer and partner activities across all these diverse channels for compliance.  The stakes are high. Failure to implement effective digital risk management strategies poses massive consequences for brand reputation, revenue and profitability; regulatory fines & penalties; shareholder lawsuits and other litigation exposure.


SafeGuard Cyber Governance Solution

SafeGuard Cyber delivers the leading SaaS platform to manage the full life cycle of information governance for digital content, systematically across more than 50 social media and other digital channels to assure compliance with business, industry and regulatory requirements.


SafeGuard Cyber's Governance framework provides the capability to manage access to enterprise accounts, monitor all communications for policy compliance; take immediate action remediate potential policy violations;  and capture all content and meta data to a cloud-scale immutable archive for search and legal defensibility. Enterprise organizations of all sizes around the world have adopted the SafeGuard Cyber Governance as the most comprehensive and effective solution to protect their digital channels from the dual threat of compliance vulnerabilities and cyber exploits that occur outside the perimeter of the firewall.

Supervision Circle
Supervision & Content Analytics

SafeGuard Cyber provides real-time supervision of user activity and content with contextual analytics and risk scoring to flag content with high potential for policy violations while reducing false positives.

On identification and detection of a risk events with high potential for policy violations, the system can take immediate action to quarantine the posting and related attachments until communication can be properly reviewed.

Policy Library Circle
Extensive Policy Library

SafeGuard Cyber provides automated supervision across multiple functional domains driven by a powerful policy engine with extensive policy library. Policy rules can be easily extended or customized to meet further requirements.

The policy engine also provides a standard policy pages for some of the most broadly applicable and industry-specific regulations including FINRA, SEC, FDA, MiFID II, NFA, IIROC, MFA, FCA, PII, & HIPPA, GDPR

Compliance Archive Circle
Compliance Archiving & eDiscovery

Fully configurable policies enable you to automatically capture and preserve the complete digital record of communications to an immutable  cloud-scale compliance archive under retention management, including all communication artifacts in native format and rich detail, including meta data, conversations threads, links, attachments, and images, and 

The archive provides full meta data,  text indexing, audit trail as well as Boolean logic  & proximity search capabilities to assist investigators in collecting key information with precision. Administrations can manage legal holds in place, or export archived data in PST or  PDF file format to eDiscovery system of choice.

SafeGuard Cyber Cloud Platform

The SafeGuard Cyber cloud platform enables enterprises to address risks with unmatched prevention, unrivaled visibility, and comprehensive action while enabling users to work natively in their social and digital channels of choice.


Flexible Deployment

Designed with flexible options to deploy on-site, in a hybrid cloud, or on-demand. The platform provides protection for any on-ramp with no local deployments needed. Every tablet, desktop, mobile and network access point is protected.

Hub Circle

Pervasive Channel Coverage

Connections available for over 50 of the most popular digital channels, organized across 5 distinct  categories including Social Media, Mobile Communications, Collaboration Networks,  Enterprise Cloud Applications - plus hidden networks on the deep and dark web.


Integration Circle

Enterprise Integration

SafeGuard Cyber supports integration with leading SIEM and service management vendors. Provides a rich set of REST APIs for integration with other third-party enterprise IT operations platforms.

SafeGuard Cyber Channel Coverage Map

Channel Coverage Map [white]

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