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Empowering Your People: Human-Centric Security

With David Shipley, CEO, Beauceron Security

In this 50-minute webinar, we discuss the human element of security and why cybersecurity training for employees is important.


Cyber attacks are getting increasingly more sophisticated, and employees are often left behind without the proper skills or strategies to secure their networks. Though they are often considered the "weakest link", your employees are the frontlines of security. We believe that providing cybersecurity training for employees can actually make your organization more secure. By putting your employees at the center of cybersecurity, you can enable your teams to work more efficiently while taking a strategic, holistic approach to network protection.
Cory Hartlan, sits down with David Shipley, CEO of Beauceron Security, to talk about how technology and education can work together to enhance cyber defense through employee training for cybersecurity, leveraging automation, and developing a culture of security. Learn how you can measure employees' behavioral risk and improve security controls through education and real-time awareness. The aim of cybersecurity training for employees is to create a cyber-aware culture of security where employees feel involved, committed, passionate, empowered, and in control of technology to help advance your security strategy.
Training employees to perform basic security tasks such as identifying suspicious behaviors, practicing safe cyber behavior across teams, and updating devices, your teams can establish a holistic security strategy that can protect your systems against today’s advanced threats.