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 The attack frequency on the education sector increased by 41% in 2019.

Source: NETSCOUT Threat Intelligence Report Findings from 2H 2019

The SafeGuard Cyber SaaS platform empowers educational institutions to protect against cyberbullying and ransomware.
Protect Academics, Professors, Coaches, & Students 

Protect Academics, Professors, Coaches, & Students 

Academics, professors, coaches, and students – especially high-value academics and professors – are common targets of phishing and other forms of cyber attack. Provide a layer of protection for staff and students where security teams can detect threats in real-time as they receive them.

Detect Troubling Student Behaviour

Detect Troubling Student Behavior

Students, teachers, and staff use school-supported collaboration platforms and public forums to communicate and collaborate. But these conversations can result in cyber-bullying, inappropriate content shared, and threats of violence. Automatically detect those threats and resolve those issues before they get out of control. 

AI-Powered, NextGen Compliance

AI-Powered, NextGen Compliance

Education institutions need full visibility across their entire digital footprint, and the ability to ensure compliance across all communications. AI-driven, NextGen compliance ensures 100% coverage for your regulations, including HIPAA, PII, and NCAA requirements. 

Find Fakes and Frauds

Find & Takedown Fakes and Frauds

Highly public organizations battle a neverending slew of fake and fraudulent accounts and websites. Proper protection requires that organizations protect the brand and high-profile individuals across all digital communication channels, as well as surface threats from the deep/dark web.

Customer Case Study

K-12 Private School Establishes Safe Online Education with Microsoft Teams

A private school with 1200 students is now able to maintain a safe learning environment by mitigating security and compliance risks at scale, and abide by record-keeping laws. They have also reduced the cost of
oversight, and protected their significant Microsoft Teams investment.

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