Insider Threats

Insider Threats and Other Risk Exposures

While much of the focus for cybersecurity defense is on external threat actors and their exploits, as much as 60% of security incidents originate from insiders. These can include executives and employees, but also third parties such as contractors and consultants who operate within the trust network. Insiders collaborate and share information every day as part of the normal communications and business workflows. Yet when insiders go rogue, they can be particularly effective at perpetrating cybercrimes because supervisors, compliance officers, and CISOs often lack adequate visibility into employee communications, social postings, and other digital activities to understand internal risk exposures.

There is a need to safeguard digital assets and communications against deliberate exploitation of sensitive information or other malicious behavior, in violation of corporate interests, criminal laws, and various industry regulations. Exposure risks include:

  • Information Loss Exposure – insiders plot to gain control of sensitive internal information or other intellectual property for the personal gain. Pre-released financial results or product information, M & A activity, partnership agreements, intellectual property, patents & trade secrets all represent examples of sensitive information that needs to be protected from deliberate or accidental disclosure.
  • Malicious Behavior - angry insiders seeking a form of revenge may post malicious content, personally identifiable information, or malware to social media or other digital channels channel with the intent to damage reputations or otherwise do other harm to persons or the organization at large.
  • Compliance Risk – all firms, including high technology company, have compliance requirements around employee conduct, business operations, financial disclosures with much of the focus on preserving and supervising electronic communications of all forms, including digital channels. Compliance violations can result in heavy fines and penalties.
  • Legal Exposure and Litigation Risk – ultimately, organizations may bear responsibility for employee conduct. The inability to preserve the digital “chain of evidence” for eDiscovery leaves the enterprise vulnerable to spurious legal attack.


Advanced Digital Risk Protection

SafeGuard Cyber employs a variety of compliance and cyber defense techniques to prevent misuse or misappropriation of sensitive information by unauthorized users and recipients. With pre-established policies, the platform can analyze social media channels such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter, collaboration channels such as Slack, Skype for Business and SalesForce Chatter, mobile channels such as WhatsApp and WeChat, and enterprise cloud apps such as Sharepoint and Veeva, for postings and attachments to flag references to sensitive information.  Scoring algorithms look at keyword, phrases, patterns and regular expressions to surface suspected PII violations in the posting or attachment, and take policy action to quarantine such messages for subsequent review.

Advanced cyber defense capabilities to surveil the dark web, including paste bins, commerce sites & discussion forums, identifying digital assets that place enterprise organizations at risk for cyber-attacks and other fraudulent activities– assets such as account credentials, PII, or intellectual property and other confidential documents. Once identified, alerts can be forwarded to appropriate security organizations and action can be taken to remediate threats and ultimately take down or neutralize compromised enterprise assets.

Pervasive Channel Coverage

SafeGuard Cyber supports comprehensive coverage for over 50 of the most popular digital channels, organized across 4 distinct digital networking categories including social media, mobile communications, collaboration networks and enterprise cloud applications - plus hidden sites on the deep and dark web.

Channel Coverage Map v3

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