Securing WhatsApp

Keep Business Communications Safe on WhatsApp

As one of the most popular applications for mobile communications globally, it is not surprising that WhatsApp is rapidly becoming an essential tool for secure business communications. In a nut shell, WhatsApp encrypts text conversations and attachments, including files, images, video and audio. 

Yet with its increased importance to business execution, enterprise organizations need to be concerned about safeguarding communications against well-known cybersecurity risks and compliance exposures that are endemic to WhatsApp. Companies should be equipped to:

  • Protect against malicious content, malware infection, and account hacking and compromise
  • Capture and supervise encrypted employee conversations in accordance with regulatory mandates

SkyGoFree Spyware


This Android malware, only recently discovered, is known as SkyGoFree and has been in the wild since 2014. Attackers can take videos and pictures, access the phone's location and seize call records, all exposing the victim to any number of compromising situations and—for business and government users—could expose trade secrets and classified government material. Even a darker threat, a rogue government organization could wield its might and compel WhatsApp to give them access to supposedly private conversations. Skygofree has been described by Kaspersky Labs as “one of the most powerful spyware tools that we have ever seen”.

The SafeGuard Cyber Solution

SafeGuard Cyber delivers the leading SaaS solution to manage the full lifecycle of Digital Risk Protection, so enterprises can detect, analyze, defend and prevent cybersecurity attacks in real time --while automating information governance and compliance.

For WhatsApp, SafeGuard Cyber provides the following capabilities:

  • Ensures that encrypted WhatsApp conversation threads and attachments can be fully evaluated for malicious content and other cybersecurity threats
  • Selectively captures, preserves and supervises encrypted business communications, including  text and attachments for business and regulatory compliance.
  • Meets regulatory requirements for FDA, FINRA, SEC, MiFID II, NFA, IIROC, MFA, FCA, HIPPA, PII, GDPR

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