Helpnet Security: Social SafeGuard BOA Raj Samani of McAfee Sounds Alarm on Social Media Security

Raj Samani, the CSO of McAfee has seen it all in the world of cyber and the threat that's keeping him up at night is social media with it's proven record of impacting companies and nations.  Failure to act by the social networks and it's participants will be catastrophic.  Consider this the article from ground zero.  Raj writes:


information security enable business"Our value today is measured in numbers. Followers, connections, likes, tweets, and impressions now count toward not only the value of our opinions but also quantify our sphere of influence. These metrics, however, are easily manipulated to such an extent that even elections have allegedly been at the mercy of the social media numbers game.

Given the power of digital influence, it stands to reason that it has quickly become the platform of choice to communicate a message. Although for many of us it requires an enormous time investment to build such credibility, there are some who take a shortcut."

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