Press Release: Social SafeGuard Announces Name Change to SafeGuard Cyber

Charlottesville, Virginia– August 3, 2018 – SafeGuard Cyber, formerly Social SafeGuard, today announced their new name. SafeGuard Cyber is the most comprehensive and adaptable platform for the protection of a company’s and its employees social and digital channels and offers superior digital risk protection.

Starting out four years ago, the company identified social media as a key risk for organizations and the use of “Social” in the name made sense. Since then SafeGuard Cyber has expanded to detect new types of security risks, while continuing to invest in its compliance and governance capabilities. The platform now protects 50+ digital channels including social media, mobile apps, collaboration networks, web, app stores, dark web, and leading enterprise cloud platforms. “We’ve grown our capabilities to meet our clients’ demands for a single solution to mitigate the explosion of channels and risks,” said SafeGuard Cyber CEO Jim Zuffoletti. “The SafeGuard Cyber name better reflects our expanded capabilities beyond social and the expansion of our security capabilities.”

SafeGuard Cyber helps enterprise businesses detect threats in real time, defend their organizations, and automate information governance across all their digital channels. “The scale of touchpoints for companies and their employees has expanded, and also the risks, making it difficult to correlate and take down the various types of risks at a massive scale,” noted SafeGuard Cyber’s President & CTO Otavio Freire. “Our brand had to evolve to better reflect the breadth and depth of what we now offer to customers.” 

SafeGuard Cyber customers use the platform to tackle an epidemic of brand fraud, social media digital attacks, identify and secure unauthorized social and ATO, protect the adoption of a collaboration platform, and manage a growing regulatory framework worldwide that demands an agile compliance and governance platform for social and digital channels. The platform also provides a full lifecycle of digital content management, including archival retention, supervision, and e-discovery. The name change is just the start of SafeGuard Cyber‘s continuing expansion of their compliance and security capabilities, while meeting business needs for an ever-growing list of new channels that companies can now adopt Without Fear.


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SafeGuard Cyber’s platform is a single solution to detect, prevent, and defend against threats in social and digital channels. SafeGuard Cyber empowers businesses and governments to embrace new technologies and innovate Without Fear. For more information, please visit

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