Our Story

In 2014, the Social SafeGuard founders Otavio and Jim noticed events around the world in which social media and digital channels had become the new battlefield. At the same time, they noticed that despite the risks, corporations and governments were leaving the traditional security perimeter to adopt digital and social media platforms in the cloud. So they decided that there was a white space in the cybersecurity market that was not being invested in at the same rate as companies were adopting these new digital and social technologies. Otavio and Jim built a new security and risk platform that offered a unique way forward in collaboration with these digital channels for analyzing and disrupting new types of risks and attacks that emerged.

They believed that organizations require an intelligent system to systematically identify and take action at the needed scale of the operations of digital channels which generate billions of events every day around the globe and is connected (at last count) to 5 Billion users worldwide, and to close the gap between compromise and detection for immediate response or even better, to get ahead of the risks and attacks. Their goal? Shift the paradigm and treat these digital channels as the new security perimeter.

And they timed it just right, right?

Some thought they were too early to the marketplace. That CISO’s didn’t really understand digital needs. But unconcerned with how to fit in with the cyber industry, the founders risked charting a non-traditional approach for this new space - merging various business functions into security models, knowing that when their product was ready, the market would be too – today not a day goes by where the headlines don’t point to a new risk that initiates in this new attack vector. Good news – Social SafeGuard is there to help.

Social SafeGuard was born from an acute need. And our core concepts were pioneered around digital risk protection. Today, Social SafeGuard offers the industry’s only true multi-blade digital threat, analysis and action platform