We speak with Rowenna Fielding, Senior Data Protection Lead at Protecture in the United Kingdom. We discuss how she moved from information security into data protection and privacy regulations, the challenge of valuing privacy, Brexit's implications for GDPR, and how when it comes to data protection, the essential principles can be boiled down to "don't be a git."



Guest: Rowenna Fielding, Senior Data Protection Lead, Protecture

Rowenna Fielding - SafeGuard Cyber Zero Hour Podcast

Rowenna Fielding joined Protecture in early 2017 as an experienced data protection practitioner with almost a decade of experience advising voluntary and commercial organizations. Formerly a specialist in information security management, Rowenna obtained the ISEB Certificate in Data Protection in 2011 and has since then been focused on the practical implementation of data protection law and good practice.

As a data protection enthusiast, Rowenna is also Digital Officer for the National Association of Data Protection and Freedom of Information Officers, and an active member of the Information and Records Management Society. In 2018, she was awarded the "Captain Compliance" trophy by the 'Security Serious' industry awards for her work in bringing data protection to life through blogging and public speaking, and was a nominee for the IRMS's 'Information Governance Professional of the Year' both in 2017 and 2018. Both in her professional capacity and her more irreverent 'Miss IG Geek' online persona, Rowenna's articles, interviews and presentations have been prominent in the data protection landscape for several years.


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