On this episode of the Zero Hour podcast, we introduce Vikrant Karvir, CEO and founder of Pulse42. During RSA, George Kamide and Ashley Stone sat down with Karvir at a beautiful restaurant in San Francisco's Mission district.



Karvir is a strong force in the tech industry, and has worked with the likes of Cisco, Brocade, Microsoft, and Deloitte. For Cisco, Karvir created high growth, multibillion dollar cloud adjacency for the company. He incubated and grew Cisco’s software business from $40M to $660M + in six years, with a consistent 100% YOY growth rate. Karvir also managed $400M to $1Bn+ businesses for Microsoft, and helped drive penetration of Windows servers, integration servers, developer tools and product lines enterprises, delivering 20% YOY growth in highly saturated businesses. Karvir also consulted for Deloitte. 

On the podcast, George and Ashley discuss Karvir’s thoughts on the secrets to his massive success in driving high-growth innovation for these large enterprises. Karvir shares his insight on how to listen for the right data, and how to take action to seize the right time in the market. 

“One of my critical learnings, especially in large environments, and it actually applies even in the world of startups, is how do you pull up relevant data points?” he said. “You may not have actual factual data because what you're trying to evolve towards is a future state. And in the future state there are certain predictions that you can predict, but you don't have full sets of data.”

Karvir’s new startup, Pulse42, offers data services that allow enterprise leaders to drive closer alignment of product creation cost and speed to revenue. The company is all about generating data-driven insights for executives to better align and optimize resources to the business. Karvir’s focus on harnessing relevant data points is one of the reasons why he built his own startup. Pulse42 took a completely different approach and created the industry-first, event-driven “Resource Relationship Network”. This streamlines every resource to business value, unlocking huge revenue and market growth potential for the enterprises.

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