Disruptive Security Series with SafeGuard Cyber

Attack of the Bots

Digital Transformation & Cyber Defense

Digital transformation is part of the larger shift to the Internet and Cloud as a means of doing business. Companies embrace new technologies by adopting social and digital channels, making business processes more efficient.

SafeGuard Cyber's co-founders sat down with Credit Suisse to discuss the new cyber threats evolving outside of the network perimeter, and how enterprise organizations can adopt a holistic defense strategy.


Gain Visibility Into Your Digital Assets

Conduct a scan of your enterprise footprint in the social cloud, taking inventory of both known and unknown (i.e. unauthorized) digital accounts and assets, including social, mobile, collaboration and enterprise cloud applications.


Take Control of Risks

Catalog vulnerabilities by channel, type, and severity to prioritize action steps


Respond to Threats in Real-time

Protect brand channels, VIP personnel, or individual employees to prevent attacks against digital infrastructure that target your workforce


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  • Why social media is a new threat vector that demands cloud-based defenses
  • What risks are related to social media engagement, including account takeovers and brand impersonation
  • How comprehensive channel coverage from a cloud-based platform and automation is the solution
  • Why it is not practical to rely on social media platforms to manage digital security alone 

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