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Protecting State & Local Governments

This report details why city and state governments are more vulnerable to social media and digital risks. Understand the risks government agencies face and why a holistic strategy is the solution.

Download the report to learn:
  • How a three-part strategy of cyber defense, automated archiving, compliance monitoring can empower departments
  • Why state & local governments are prime targets for social engineering & phishing attacks
  • How automation can streamline archiving and combat misinformation
  • How compliance monitoring powered by machine-learning can better protect citizens' privacy & prevent liabilities

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Digital Transformation & Digital Risks

State and local governments have benefited from the same digital technologies that have transformed the private sector. But governments now face the challenges of processing massive amounts of data generated by social and digital channels, and managing risks across multiple channels.

Learn how a three-part strategy can equip state and local governments to protect digital assets, enhance record keeping, and ensure citizen privacy.

Cyber Defense

Protect official communication channels and prevent attacks against digital infrastructure

Archiving & Governance

Preserve information integrity and automate record-keeping to keep up with pace of data creation

Compliance Monitoring

Prevent data leakage and privacy violations with citizen information