Data Loss

Secure all of your social and digital channels from data loss. Automatically quarantine suspicious posts, remediate compromised accounts, and scan for threats on the deep/dark web.

Insider Threats

Prevent and detect insider threats. Secure your digital assets from compliance violations, malicious activity, and data loss.


Social & Digital Endpoint

Detect, prevent, and remediate cyber threats in the channels critical to your business. Gain in-app visibility and endpoint protection.

VIP Exposure

Protect high-profile individuals from impersonations, account takeovers, and bad actor attacks in real time. Empower your VIPs to use social securely with SafeGuardMe.


Brand Damage

Detect & respond to brand threats in real time. Stop account takeovers, detect brand impersonations & fake accounts, and locate unsanctioned brand content.


Turn data capture into data enablement with real-time violation detection, augmented with customizable rules for compliance, retention, and legal hold.


See it in action

SGC platform

Learn how SafeGuard Cyber detects, defends, and prevents cybersecurity attacks in real time - while automating governance and compliance.

Fill out the form to schedule a demo. Our team will show you how one solution:

  • Detects threats from known and unknown actors
  • Takes immediate action
  • Archives all interactions
  • Secures your enterprise at the individual level


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