amount cybercrime will cost victims globally this year, up from $3 trillion in 2015

Source: Cybersecurity Ventures

of security teams consider marketing technologies and sales channels to represent the most risk

Source: SafeGuard Cyber Digital Risk Survey

average number of days the typical company hit by ransomware is effectively paralyzed

Source: Coveware Report

Increase Awareness, Keep Your Brand Promise

Stop Account Takeovers
Stop Malware and Ransomware
Stop Impersonations
Protect Brand Leaders
Prevent account takeovers, impersonation, and fraud everywhere people interact with your brand.
Brand Protection Twitter Twitter Account Takeover
Stop unauthorized

Account access and takeover attacks.

Lock down and revert

Compromised accounts back to the previous state.

Detect and respond to suspicious links or attachments, across both public posts and DMs.
Brand Protection Instagram Instagram Brand Spoof
Stop attacks before they start

By detecting bad actors when they try to follow your accounts.

Stop inbound suspicious activity in private messages

Including spear phishing, malware, or malicious links.

Protect your customers from malicious brand impersonations.
Brand Protection Walmart Facebook Account Takeover Fraud
Protect accounts, assets, and communications.

Monitor for fake accounts and impersonations, initiate takedowns.

Stop inbound suspicious activity in private messages

Including spear phishing, malware, or malicious links.

Top executives and influencers are your biggest brand-builders. Protect their accounts from attack while preserving their privacy.
Messaging Security WhatsApp WhatsApp Brand Protection
Engage overseas markets safely by

Securing employees' mobile chat accounts against social engineering, data loss, and malware.

Customize immutable archiving of chats and metadata

With audit trails, and retention for legal readiness.

See How Our Customers Secure Their Brands

Atlantic Bay
Atlantic Bay Mortgage ensures advanced digital risk protection securing brand reputation
Atlantic Bay
Proactive policies applied to prevent employees from sharing Covid-19 misinformation.

"We've partnered our digital risk monitoring with some really robust social media guidelines."

Amanda Tucker
Chief Risk and Compliance Officer
City of Vincent
City of Vincent, Western Australia, ensures compliance and accuracy of information over Facebook
City of Vincent
Adapting to a nearly 25,000% increase in Facebook messages at the beginning of Covid-19.

"SafeGuard Cyber has streamlined our social media information security and governance. This outcome supports the growing use of modern communication platforms without the added operational overhead."

Peter Ferguson
Executive Manager, Information and Communication Technology, City of Vincent
Social Selling
A world leading wealth management company drives growth with authentic client engagement on social media
Financial Case Study
Automating record-keeping of all risk events and applying Advanced Malware Detection to protect advisors and the firms.

"With the newfound power to ensure compliance, wealth managers are able to securely and compliantly meet their customers where they are."

Securing Cloud Communications
SafeGuard Cyber's recent security e-book found that 76% of executives are concerned about insider threats when employees are using cloud communication apps. 
Get the e-Book
LP Graphic_Security for Social Media, Collaboration, and Messaging Apps-01

SafeGuard your brand and the trust you have built

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