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    Bring your social media and digital accounts and assets under centralized protection.

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    SafeGuard Cyber platform


    Identify brand reputation and cybersecurity risks. Mitigate fraudulent or suspicious content, or flag for investigation and response. 

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    SafeGuard Cyber


    Enhance workflows across teams. Classify content as malicious, inappropriate, malware, or needing further review.

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    SafeGuard Cyber platform

    Take Action

    Suspend unauthorized accounts, take down malicious posts or accounts, remediate compliance violations, and defend against cyber attacks. 

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  • SafeGuard Cyber platform
  • SafeGuard Cyber
  • SafeGuard Cyber platform

Discover Channel

Search and uncover unauthorized assets & request to bring unknown accounts under your protection. Ensure your customers are only interacting with verified content.

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Events Dashboard

Centralize risk management of protected social media, digital, & mobile channels in the Events dashboard.

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Threat Cortex Risk Engine

Optimize productivity by teaching the ML-powered risk engine to adapt to your unique business needs and increase review efficiency.

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Initiate Takedown

Simplify remediation by requesting takedowns and tracking the status of each takedown request, all in one place.

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Custom Reporting

Gain insight on customer interactions by creating custom reports to reflect on your business processes. Data can be exported in multiple formats, including Excel, CSV, and PDF.

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Customizable Filters

Refine results to match your needs with keywords, hashtags, and other phrases, or filter your results with location-based parameters.

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Risk Scoring

Identify risks specific to your customers and business processes. Personalize the platform to prioritize these risks and review events efficiently with priority filtering.

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Custom Policies

Review events that match predefined policy templates like FINRA and HIPAA, or refine rules to match the specific needs of your organization's policies

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Event Flagging & Watchlist

Flag suspicious events and violations for further review, or add events to a watchlist for ongoing monitoring and protection.

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Suspend suspicious content posted on your digital channels for further review. Prevent malicious content from reaching other accounts.

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Legal Hold

Automatically capture all records for archive with full audit trails. Hold events for legal review and e-Discovery. Export archived data for e-Discovery system of choice.

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The world is digital. SafeGuard Cyber empowers your enterprise to engage with customers and new markets securely, compliantly, and at scale.

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  • Detects threats against social media and digital assets
  • Defends against brand damaging attacks
  • Protects customer interactions
  • Automates compliance and governance 
  • Secures your enterprise at the individual level

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