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estimated global spending on digital transformation by 2025

Source: IDC

faster revenue growth expected for most organizations embracing digital transformation

Source: Gartner, 2021

of organizations that find it extremely challenging to modernize their IT security strategies.

Source: Microsoft 

Enterprises are Rethinking their Digital Transformations

Many companies are facing a turbulent 2023:

To counter this extended period of instability and insecurity, companies are shifting their digital transformation strategies. Alongside driving profits and growth, they are also oriented towards building resilience.

Protect Business Communications Anywhere

Protect Business Communications Anywhere

Stop business risks like insider threat, BEC, and account takeover in the communication channels that drive productivity and growth. No agents required to install so you can deploy quickly. Gain unified visibility into business communication risks on any device and any network. Protect your enterprise and employees anywhere they communicate.

Context and Intent Analysis for Business Communications

Context and Intent Analysis for Business Communications

Risk fears often impede Digital Transformation projects. Our Patented Natural Language Understanding technology empowers risk teams with contextual analysis of business communications in over 50 languages. Move forward with Digital Transformation projects with confidence, knowing you can quickly reduce regulatory risk or social engineering attacks seeking to compromise employees.

Empower your Digital Transformation with Unified Visibility and NLU

Emerging threats can be prevented and addressed with digital transformation initiatives that are powered by unified visibility and contextual analysis:


How Our Customers Protect Modern Communications

WhatsApp Security
Global 100 Pharmaceutical Leader Automates WhatsApp Security and Compliance
Real-time monitoring of 118,000+ WhatsApp messages per month empowers field force reps across 15 countries to engage with HCPs securely.

"WhatsApp is critical to high quality HCP engagement in our overseas markets. SafeGuard Cyber's compliance solution enables field force agility, product delivery, and has helped accelerate our digital transformation."

Head of Product Management
MS Teams Security
Organization Secures Microsoft Teams Collaboration Against Malware Intrusion and Cyber Risk
Isolated 1,989 risk events in various languages with language-agnostic risk analytics.

With SafeGuard Cyber they can now detect social engineering in 50+ languages, prevent malware and ransomware from propagating the business, and reduce risk to the organizations in human communications.

How WhatsApp is Changing Emerging Markets
WhatsApp is changing how business is conducted in critical international markets like Brazil and India. See how changing communication patterns can affect or empower your business.
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Rapid Deployment and Simple Scalability

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