Secure digital assets

Secure all accounts

Protect your company's social media and digital assets by securing all enterprise & critical employee accounts. Employee opt-in ensures privacy-first approach.

Quarantine malicious content

Detect and flag malicious content in direct messages, quarantine links or attachments, and notify teams of message violations. Remove impersonations, fake accounts, and stop phishing attacks.

Quarantine malicious content

Protect individuals with SafeGuardMe

Extend enterprise protection to the level of individual employees. Notify individuals of risk events in real time and remediate threats immediately. Detect and remove high-risk followers.

See it in action

The world is digital. SafeGuard Cyber empowers your enterprise to engage with customers and new markets securely, compliantly, and at scale.

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  • Detects threats against social media and digital assets
  • Defends against brand damaging attacks
  • Protects customer interactions
  • Automates compliance and governance 
  • Secures your enterprise at the individual level


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