Our mission

Our Mission

SafeGuard Cyber protects the connections we need to thrive by securing the flow of communication wherever it exists. Our Mission is to SafeGuard Human Connections.

Our Story

Our Story

In 2014, our founders realized businesses and governments were leaving the traditional security perimeter to adopt transformational digital and social media channels. They built SafeGuard Cyber as an intelligent system to systematically identify and take action against risks in these communication channels, at scale. We believe the security paradigm must shift to redefine these digital channels as the first line of defense. Today, we help companies detect threats in real time, defend their organizations, and automate information governance across all of their digital channels.

SafeGuard Cyber is on a mission. We are guided by three core values, as a team we work everyday to SafeGuard Human Connections.


Cybersecurity_Breakthrough_Award Badge_2021

Cybersecurity Breakthrough Award 2021

American Cyber Award 2020

American Cyber Award 2020


Campus Best Safety Winner 2020

Tech Trailblazers Award Winner

Tech Trailblazers Award Winner 2020

Cybersecurity Excellence Award Winner 2020 (2)

Cybersecurity Excellence Award Winner 2020

Cybersecurity Breakthrough Award 2020

Cybersecurity Breakthrough Award 2020

Cyber defense Magazine Infosec Award Winner 2019

Cyber defense Magazine Infosec Award Winner 2019

Frost and Sullivan

Social Media Security Best Practices Award 2019

Why SafeGuard Cyber


Grow laterally. Grow upward. Grow with us.


Innovate freely. Explore widely.


Open doors. Collaborate across departments.


Earn recognition. Feel appreciated. Reap rewards.


Leave your footprint. Lead the charge.


Be the catalyst. Effect change.

SafeGuard Cyber
SafeGuard Cyber

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