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of the billions of records breached in a year that are compromised via insiders, both malicious and accidental


Source: Security Intelligence

amount cybercrime will cost victims globally this year, up from $3 trillion in 2015



Source: Cybersecurity Ventures

enterprise IT and security professionals citing that unsanctioned apps are their biggest security and compliance concerns

Source: SafeGuard Cyber Digital Risk Protection Survey

Detect and stop insider threats across all your business communications

Consistent Policy Enforcement
Centralized Account Management
Advanced Governance
Secure Human Connections
Automate DLP solutions and insider threat policies consistently across communication channels.
Insider Threat Twitter Twitter Phishing Insider Threat
Supervise communications for

Data loss, PII, proprietary information in messages, links, and attachments.

Real time detection and response

With full quarantine capabilities for most channels

Configure and manage security and compliance policies from one platform.
Insider Threat Dashboard SafeGuard Cyber Profiles
Supervise and manage

Account access from one central platform.

Capture a complete digital record of

Communications with full audit trails, including unauthorized account access.

Detection and response capabilities for workplace channels such as Microsoft Teams, WhatsApp, Zoom, Slack, and Telegram.
Insider Threat zoom Zoom Data Loss

IMs, meeting chats, shared files, and audio transcripts for DLP, malware, and other risk events.

Apply centralized security settings

And auto-rollback settings for non-compliant meetings.

Gain visibility while securing interactions and engagement in today's cloud workplace.
Insider Threat Slack Slack Data Loss Prevention
Enforce DLP policies for

Channel and DM communications. Enhance CASB investments with visibility at the messaging level. Go beyond log files.

Leverage Slack or Teams Connect securely

With policy enforcement and monitoring for communications with outside parties.

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