April 17, 2019

The Zero Hour Podcast: Evelyn de Souza, Cloud Security & Privacy Compliance Leader

We talk with Evelyn de Souza, former Chief Technology and Architecture Officer at Cisco, and industry thought leader for cloud security and data ...
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April 5, 2019

The Zero Hour Podcast: Peter Horst, Fortune 500 CMO and Marketing Expert

We talk with Peter Horst, Fortune 500 CMO & author of the bestseller, Marketing in the #FakeNews Era. We discuss his career journey as CMO across ...
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March 26, 2019

Why Businesses Should Extend Cybersecurity to WhatsApp and WeChat

WhatsApp and WeChat are two of the most popular messaging apps in the world with monthly active users reaching 1.5 and 1.08 billion respectively. ...
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March 20, 2019

The Zero Hour Podcast: Rowenna Fielding at Cloud & Cyber Security Expo London

We speak with Rowenna Fielding, Senior Data Protection Lead at Protecture in the United Kingdom. We discuss how she moved from information security ...
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March 13, 2019

The Zero Hour Podcast: Kyla Guru at RSA Conference 2019

We speak with Kyla Guru, 16 year old Founder & CEO of Bits N' Bytes Cybersecurity Education, a nonprofit dedicated to increasing awareness, literacy, ...
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March 12, 2019

Key Takeaways from RSA Conference 2019

Our team had a busy week in San Francisco at RSA Conference 2019 last week. From booth swag, meeting cybersecurity professionals, to running around ...
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March 6, 2019

The Zero Hour Podcast: Laura Galante, Cybersecurity Expert, on How Cyber Attacks Affect the Private Sector

We talk with Laura Galante, Founder of Galante Strategies and Senior Fellow at the Atlantic Council, about how cyber warfare effects extend the ...
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March 4, 2019

How Hackers Use Social Media to Profile Their Target Victims

While email has long been the favorite delivery vector for social engineering scams, criminals are just as likely to incorporate social media when ...
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February 25, 2019

Why Securing Social Media is Critical for Election Integrity

The recent disclosure of an alleged state-sponsored cyber attack on the Australian parliament highlights yet again the pervasiveness of today’s ...
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February 20, 2019

The Zero Hour Podcast: Cloud Migration & Infrastructure Overhaul with Elaine Cheng

We talk with Elaine Cheng, CIO of the CFA Institute, about her approach to transforming the entire IT infrastructure at a global company. We discuss ...
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February 20, 2019

How to Overcome the Security Challenges of Using Slack for Your Enterprise

With 8 million daily users, Slack is an undisputed industry leader in team collaboration. But, with convenience and accessibility comes an expanding ...
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February 7, 2019

The Zero Hour Podcast: Talking Digital Transformation with Eric Marterella

In our inaugural episode of our new podcast, we spoke to our own Chief Revenue Officer, Eric Marterella. We talk about his early days working with ...
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