Customer Testimonials

How Elevate Health Improved HCP Engagement with SafeGuard Cyber

How Pierce County's Accountable Communities of Health (ACH) organization reduces business communication risk in Microsoft Teams.

How Mperativ Secures Customer Data in Slack with SafeGuard Cyber

How an innovative revenue marketing platform secures their customer data when collaborating on Slack.

How Baird Enables Financial Advisors with Compliant Social Selling with SafeGuard Cyber

How a multinational independent investment bank and financial services company ensures that their wealth managers are compliant they engage with their clients on social media.

Media Interviews

Secure Business Communications: Trends, Truths and Threats

SafeGuard Cyber CEO Chris Lehman says security starts with visibility.

Nasdaq Trade Talks: CEO Chris Lehman on Natural Language Understanding for Cyber Defense

SafeGuard Cyber CEO Chris Lehman on NLU.

ISMG Summit: Tom Field interviews CEO Chris Lehman about how the expansion of communication attack surfaces poses a visibility challenge for security teams

How the FirstSight platform provides unified visibility, contextual AI, and impact analysis to keep up with expanding threatscape




FirstSight is a next-generation cybersecurity platform, powered by contextual AI, that empowers security teams investigate and remediate unmonitored communications in minutes.


Collab, mobile chat, and social media cloud apps are increasingly utilized by businesses, but they slip through the gaps of traditional security platforms. SafeGuard Cyber enables businesses to adopt these modern tools while mitigating risk.

Zoom Explainer

Prevent third-party risk, insider threats, ransomware, and social engineering attacks. Ensure consistent security and compliance policy application to Zoom meetings, IM chats, and users' accounts.

Platform Overview

Learn how the SafeGuard Cyber platform works to keep your business secure and compliant while permitting the adoption of modern collaboration and communication cloud applications. Save money, reduce risk, enable growth, and above all SafeGuard Human Connections.


Use Cases

Invoice Fraud

Invoice fraud is becoming increasingly sophisticated. We leverage an ontological architecture and contextual AI to scrutinize every digital interaction.

Social Engineering

The surge in social engineering, fueled by advanced AI, demands sophisticated defense. SafeGuard Cyber's FirstSight ensures your enterprise stays secure against modern digital deceptions.

Insider Threats

Insider threats cost organizations millions. FirstSight tackles this with Contextual AI and Ontological Architecture, providing deep visibility across communication channels to safeguard your data and reputation.


The expanding attack surface presents a significant challenge for businesses. The key? Cross-channel correlation and contextual AI.

Cloud-Application + SafeGuard Cyber: Better Together Stories

Secure Business Communications

Securing business communication is essential to success. Detect and respond, automate policy application, predict and analyze, and enhance visibility.


Slack has become an essential resource for collaboration in today's distributed workforce. SafeGuard Cyber helps you illuminate risks so your organization can use Slack safely.

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is critical for collaboration in today's work from anywhere environment. SafeGuard Cyber enhances security for MS Teams meetings, chats, and users' accounts.


LinkedIn is a requirement for doing business and maintaining a presence in the marketplace. The widespread adoption of social media has made it an attractive attack vector for cybercriminals.


Salesforce is a SaaS customer relationship management platform that enables teams to collaborate from anywhere in the world and stay focused on business opportunities and strengthening customer relationships.


Zoom allows face-to-face meetings, messaging, and file sharing to take place from anywhere. SafeGuard Cyber runs continuously in the background, allowing you and your teams to apply advanced governance to Zoom.


Beyond Training: Technical Controls to Stop Social Engineering [Expert Panel]

In this expert panel featuring analyst, security, and IT leaders, we focus on new waysteams can detect and disrupt social engineering and phishing attacks.

451 Research | From Teams to WhatsApp: Emerging Business Communication Risks and Growth Opportunities

Join this roundtable discussion with leading industry analysts and experts on the risks and rewards of new business communication tools.

Speed is the Need: Securing New Working Environments Against New Cyber Risks

Today’s cybersecurity leaders face a two-front struggle: the rapid evolution of digital work environments and the exponential increase in cyberattacks. How security teams can adapt to both trends.

Ransomware: Evolving Threats & Digital Risks

As ransomware attacks increase, threat vectors are evolving and new strains weaponize the modern cloud infrastructure. This webinar addresses the evolving ransomware threat landscape and how to safeguard your infrastructure.

Vision and Voice: Removing Barriers for Women in Cybersecurity

Industry leaders discuss how women can attain better access to careers in cybersecurity. Key themes include mentorship, networking, learning from setbacks, and the willingness to take risks.

Cloud-Native Defense: Illuminating Ransomware, Insider Threats and Third-Party Risk

Jason Williams takes an in-depth look at digital risk, the current attack landscape, and what constitutes a robust cloud-native defense.

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