Learn How Compliance Powers Growth & Innovation in Life Sciences
largest fine levied for failure to report Adverse Events

Source: Department of Justice

warning letters sent by the FDA in the past year to life science companies related to monitoring violations

Source: FDA

of companies now view compliance as a barrier to entering new markets

Source: Compliance in the Era of Digital Transformation

Unlock business insights in CRM Free Text with automated compliance

Enable Digital Transformation
Reduce Costs by up to 80%
Unlock Business Insights
Deploy at Scale
Enable free text call notes for richer sales interactions.
Digital Transformation Digital Transformation
Assure compliance

for all free text fields.

Capture and retain

all content to an immutable archive.

Automated policy supervision frees up manual oversight resources.
Reduce Costs Reduce Costs
Automated detection of risks

in any language, for any regulatory framework.

Quickly identify AEs, off-label promotion,

and other violations.

Empower your field force with higher quality HCP interactions.
Capture insights

with detailed HCP feedback.

Gain business agility through detailed notes

to inform marketing optimization.

Rollout quickly to assure compliance across your organization.
SFDC Compliance SFDC Compliance
Natural Language Understanding engine

supported by services team with deep experience.

Identify risks simultaneously

in multiple languages.

See How Customers Protect Human Communications

Pharma Company Reduces $30M+ in Oversight Costs
Automated supervision of 100,000+ call records per day globally save this pharma enterprise over $3M per month in oversight costs.

When SafeGuard Cyber’s language-agnostic machine learning solution was implemented the company was able to improve the volume of records processed and generate actionable business insights from these interactions at scale.

Medical Device Manufacturer Reduces Millions in Regulatory Risk
Medical Device Manufacturer Reduces Millions in Regulatory Risk
When a global medical device manufacturer wanted to shift to cloud-hosted CRM and collaboration tools, it turned to SafeGuard Cyber to reduce its regulatory risk exposure.

With SafeGuard Cyber the company reduced its regulatory risk exposure in cloud CRM and collaboration apps.

Modern Compliance Guide
Don't let compliance needs hold back growth. Find out how to scale for modern CRM needs.
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Compliance for CRM Free Text

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