How to Defend Your Enterprise from Credential Theft with Contextual Analysis
of companies that view impersonation as their biggest danger

Source: SafeGuard Cyber Digital Risk Protection Survey

stolen by Elon Musk impersonators in 2020


Source: Federal Trade Commission

increase in financial losses due to impersonation from 2020 to 2021


Source: Federal Trade Commission

Complimentary Report: How to Respond to the 2023 Cyberthreat Landscape
According to Gartner's 2023 Report, microtrends in phishing techniques mean organizations will need to adapt to higher volumes of phishing attacks coming from multiple channels.
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Detect and defend your workplace against Impersonators


"Some organizations view cybersecurity, and sometimes subsequently compliance, as a cost center rather than an investment. For those that value cybersecurity for the investment that it is, the Safeguard Cyber Security platform is a must-have tool in any organization's security infrastructure." 

Director Of IT, Security, & Compliance

WhatsApp Enablement Guide
See how regulated industries are enabling compliant adoption of WhatsApp.
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