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Enhance Zoom Security


Is Zoom safe to use? With the right protections, yes.

In the age of privacy and security, enterprises are keen to deploy security methods to protect data and other sensitive information they have. And while many enterprises rely on Zoom to keep connected, Zoom security issues, mainly tied to human error, persist.

From Zoombombing to malware-laced installers produced by bad actors, Zoom security concerns and privacy issues are real, and need to be dealt with.

Ensure video chat safety with the help of SafeGuard Cyber. Augment your Zoom meeting security with our advanced governance cybersecurity solution, and guarantee the trust and safety of your meeting attendees.

Enhance Zoom security, and use it safely without interruption or hassle. See how our Zoom integration works below.


How to enhance Zoom security settings for business

Meeting & Account Security
Data Protection
Cyber Defense
App-to-App Collaboration
Detect meetings that do not meet the Zoom security best practices.
Zoom_Feature1_1170x375 (1) Zoom_Feature1_335x130
Verify meeting and Zoom account security settings.

Get alerts and auto rollback for non-compliant settings.

Identify & disable suspicious account sign-ins

Block Zoom bombing

Access immutable cloud archiving of all meeting contents, chats, and metadata.
Zoom security and compliance Zoom_Feature2_335x130
Apply customizable data retention rules.

Maintain a chain of data custody for evidentiary purposes.

Monitor all in-meeting and IM chats for malicious links and social engineering attacks.
Zoom security and compliance Zoom_Feature3_335x130
Detect and respond to suspicious sign-ons, data loss, malware, and compliance risks.

Apply advanced sandbox analysis for spear-phishing and malware.

Automate supervision of all chats and audio transcripts for recorded meetings.
Zoom security and compliance Zoom_Feature4_335x130
Capture in-meeting chat, audio, and video content for all meetings

regardless of whether they have been recorded.

Allow users to maintain Zoom security and compliance in various inter-app collaboration scenarios.
Zoom security and compliance Zoom_Feature5_335x130
Gain consistent enforcement of Zoom security and compliance policies

across collaboration apps that integrate with Zoom.

"A proactive security approach correlates with high ROI and productivity improvements...By enabling policy-based security and compliance enforcement of Zoom Meetings and Zoom Chat, SafeGuard Cyber enables companies to safely meet their compliance and governance requirements."

Irwin Lazar
President and Principal Analyst, Metrigy

Irwin Lazar - Metrigy Research

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