Learn How to Stop Social Engineering Attacks with Natural Language Understanding
IT professionals who say that data loss prevention is more difficult with a remote workforce

Source: Security Vulnerabilities

Global employees who want to continue working from home


Source: Global Workplace Analytics

Remote workers who say they are “fully productive” working from their home office

Source: Global Workplace Analytics

Protect Your Enterprise, Wherever Your Employees Work

Solutions - Initiatives-Remote-Protect Your Enterprise

Enable Secure Workforce Collaboration and Productivity

Protect your business communications on any device or network. API-based architecture ensures rapid deployment and comprehensive coverage even on unmanaged devices. Close gaps in your security posture with deep visibility into business communications across 30 channels to stop social engineering attacks, invoice/payment fraud, insider threats, and more.

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Empower Security Teams with Contextual Understanding

With Contextual Analysis, teams move beyond just metadata analysis to understand the intent behind workspace communications. Our patented Natural Language Understanding technology and Social Engineering Detection capabilities help security teams determine HOW and WHY suspicious communications are taking place. With Cross-Channel Detection, you can disrupt attacks earlier and reduce investigation time from days to minutes.

How Our Customers Protect Business Communications

MS Teams Security
Organization Secures Microsoft Teams Collaboration Against Malware Intrusion and Cyber Risk
Isolated 1,989 risk events in various languages with language-agnostic risk analytics.

With SafeGuard Cyber they can now detect social engineering in 50+ languages, prevent malware and ransomware from propagating the business, and reduce risk to the organizations in human communications.

Executive Impersonation
Tech Company Secures Brand Against Takover Attacks and Impersonations
8,000+ accounts detected within the first 12 months, with over 87% identified as suspicious

"We assumed that companies like LinkedIn and Twitter all take security as seriously as we do. But that’s not the case. The big players don’t have this covered. With SafeGuard Cyber, we have achieved true digital risk protection. Now, we can sleep well at night."

Informationational Guide
Secure Collaboration Tools: Using Slack, Microsoft Teams, and Zoom Safely
Learn More
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Secure Hybrid/Remote Work

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