Advanced Digital Risk Protection

SafeGuard Cyber delivers a single solution to detect, defend, and prevent cybersecurity attacks in real time – while automating governance and compliance.

  • Facebook Breach: What's Your Next Move?

    Understand the long-term risks associated with the breach and how to prepare your organization's defense. 

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  •  How Russian Twitter Bots Weaponize Social Media

    A new detailed investigation into how Russian bot operators conduct influence operations on Twitter. Understand the risk bots pose, so you can equip your organization with a better defense.

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  • Infosecurity North America, November 14-15

    Join us in New York! Our team is demonstrating at the technology showcase November 15th, 10:30am. 

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Detect Threats

Real-time monitoring all of your exposed digital channels to identify malicious or unauthorized behavior, including both internal and external cyber threats.

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Mitigate Risks

Automated, policy-based response to take action against threats or attacks. Initiate takedowns of imposter accounts, remove malicious posts, and quarantine potential malware.

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Assure Compliance

Policy-driven information governance across the full compliance lifecycle for digital & social assets, including supervision, archival retention, and full audit trails.

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