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Increase in phishing attempts from June 2021 to June 2022.


Source: Palo Alto Networks Unit 42

Number of login credentials stolen from 130 organizations in the March 2022 'oktapus' phishing campaign.

Source: Bleeping Computer

Annual cost of phishing attacks

Source: Ponemon Institute

Learn more about how to stop new cybersecurity threats in business communications.
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How Our Customers Protect Modern Communications

MS Teams Security
Organization Secures Microsoft Teams Collaboration Against Malware Intrusion and Cyber Risk
Isolated 1,989 risk events in various languages with language-agnostic risk analytics.

With SafeGuard Cyber they can now detect social engineering in 50+ languages, prevent malware and ransomware from propagating the business, and reduce risk to the organizations in human communications.

Executive Impersonation
$4.5B Charitable Trust Stops Executive Impersonation and Donor Fraud
8,000+ accounts detected within the first 12 months, with over 87% identified as suspicious

With SafeGuard Cyber, the trust has streamlined every function of the brand protection team, reducing costs and increasing efficacy.

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