Learn About The Five Principles of WhatsApp Compliance

Detect and respond to risks in WhatsApp communications

Rapid Time to Value
Natural Language Understanding
Privacy-First Security
Enable Digital Transformation
Onboard and scale quickly with informed consent for employees with no agent or software installation required.
Rapid Time to Value Rapid Time to Value
Preserve multi-device native user experience for employees,

mitigating risk from negligence or circumvention.

Apply security or compliance policies

to all communications as they happen.

Gain deep visibility into the context and intent of communications with patented NLU analytics.
Natural Language Understanding Natural Language Understanding
Detect security risks in inbound and outbound communication,

even when no link or payload is present.

Disrupt the kill chain earlier

by detecting pretexting, coercion, and other social engineering techniques.

Industry-first TotalPrivacy protects employees.
Privacy-First Security Privacy-First Security
Alert SOC to all risk events

without revealing message contents to risk teams.

For security use cases,

inbound and outbound messages remain obscured with no escalation privileges.

Empower teams in international markets while reducing risk of regulatory fines.
Enable Digital Transformation Enable Digital Transformation
Enable WhatsApp communication on corporate or personal devices,

with no additional software installation.

Automate governance and compliance policy supervision

across multiple regulatory frameworks.

“Recordkeeping requirements are core to the Commission’s enforcement and examination programs and when firms fail to comply with them...they directly undermine our ability to protect investors and preserve market integrity.”

Gurbir S. Grewal
Director, SEC Enforcement Division

Success Story
How a Global100 Pharma Leader Automates WhatsApp Compliance
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